Gaian Science

Wikipedia on Gaia Theory

Elisabet Sahtouris – evolutionary biologist – some great videos and talks … inspiring and hopeful as Elisabet places our current moment within the evolutionary context, and how Gaia has always transformed. Elisabet’s book Earthdance can be read on-line.

Carl Sagan – astronomer ... a beautiful site!

Hayden Planetarium ... lots of information about our Universe there.

Fuzziology as developed by Vladimir Dimitrov, doctor of science. It is resonant with PaGaian Cosmology’s understanding of the Triple Goddess/Spiral – and referred to briefly in the book. Fuzziology has “applications for studying complexities of existential dynamic”.

The Darwin Project ... changing the world for the better by changing the story we live by – David Loye (also involved in and partner of, Center for Partnership Studies )

An article by Stephan Harding: Gaia and Biodiversity at The Alliance for Wild Ethics ... there is more there.

Lynn Margulis – collaborator in Gaia Theory

F.David Peat physicist and writer – a wealth of links at this site, including an interview with Michael Toms. Also linked to Pari Center for New Learning

Eric Chaisson – astrophysicist, who directs the Wright Center for Science Education ... I understand Gaia as Universe, as well Earth, as a seamlessly connected Whole. His latest book is Epic of Evolution: Seven Ages of the Cosmos

CRUDE: The Journey of Oil – a great documentary by Australian filmmaker Richard Smith.

David Suzuki Foundation – Solutions are in Our Nature

New Scientist Reports – current

3D Galaxy Map ... pretty picture and fun!

The Resonance Project – Nassim Haramein’s theoretical phyics.

A graphic on the Size of Our World

What role did Mileva Maric play in the work of Albert Einstein? This is not strictly “Gaian Science”, but I want to make this link here. If Mileva’s role (and that of the many such women over centuries) had of been recognised and her life more supported, would western science be different now?

A map of the visible Universe -our Home

Astrovisuals Australia

An excellent radio program on The Anthropic Principle: The Science Show, ABC Radio National