Friday, February 09, 2007

Reincarnations for The Years of Rice and Salt

Spoiler – Don’t Read this if you like to find out things on your own.

Kim Stanley Robinson states, near the end of the book, that the reincarnations of the various characters begin with the same first letter.

This is a partial list of the characters in the book. When I re-read the book, I will fill it in better.

One book club member mentioned that all S characters were leaders or persons in power.

M=Male F=Female A=Animal

Book Characters

Awake to the Emptyness M – Bold, Psin, Kyu, ZhenHe

F – I-Li

Haj in the Heart M – Ibn Ezra, Bismati

F – Bithari, Katima,

A – Kya

Ocean Continent M – Kheim, I-Chin

F - Butterfly

Alchemist M – Bahram, Khalid, Iwang

Warp and Weft M – Busho (aka, FromWest), Keeper of the Wampum

F - Iagogeh

Widow Kang M – Bao Ssu, Pao, Ibrahim

F – Kang

Age of Great Progress M – Kerala, Kiyaoki, Ibrahim

F – Bhakata, Butterfly, Peng-Ti

War of the Asuras M – Bai, Kuo, Iwa

Nsara F – Budir, Kirana, Idelba

M - Piali

The First Years M – Boa Xinhua, Kung, Zhu

F – Pan Xichun, Kali


Anonymous said...

Its pretty obvious that "reincarnations of the various characters begin with the same first letter" - dont read the book if you havent realised it yourself before the writer have given the clue.

Salabra said...

FWIW, B and K are also the initial letters of "Ba" and "Ka," two of the Egyptian manifestaions of the soul