2011 Grand Winners

Grand Jury Award: The Italian Key - Rosa Karo (United Kingdom)

Special Jury Prize: Boxed Up - Sean McCarthy (USA)
Special Jury Prize: Flat Tire - Machua Koinange (USA)
Special Jury Prize: Marathon Boy - Gemma Atwal (United Kingdom)
Special Jury Prize: Baer - Bryce Hirschberg (USA)
Special Jury Prize: Compulsion - Jon Myers (USA)

Best Animated Film: Dead Technology - Adam Tinius (USA)
Best California Film: Stage Left: A Story of Theater in San Francisco - Austin Forbord (USA)
Best California Short: The Glitter Emergency - Paul Festa & Kevin Clarke (USA)
Best Comedy: MILF Money - Aaron Preist (USA)
Best Commercial: Poker Face - Marc Morgenstern (Canada)
Best Director: Menschenliebe - Alexander Tuschinski (Germany)
Best Action Sports Film: Winter - Steve Bellamy (USA)
Best Documentary Film: Women in the Dirt: Landscape Architects Shaping Our World - Carolann Stoney (USA)
Best Drama: Jalopy - Libby Blood (USA)
Best Dramatic Short: Kissed by the Devil - M. Legend Brown (USA)
Best Experimental Film: 6 for 7 - Michel Massicotte (Canada)
Best Family Film: Smartie Pants - Michael Kontaxis (USA)
Best First-Time Director: Zombie - Thomas Caruso (USA)
Best First-Time Documentary: Nefarious: Merchant of Souls - Benjamin Nolot(USA)   
Best Foreign Film: Meherjaan - Rubaiyat Hossain (Bangladesh)
Best Foreign Short: Common Ground - Hollie Fifer (Australia)
Best Humanitarian Film: National AIDS Memorial Grove Tribute - Andrew Ehrenfeld (USA)
Best Music Video: Oh Luv - Magz Magda Sztompka (USA)
Best Narrative Film:  Teenagers - Paul Verhoeven (France)
Best Narrative Short: Half Empty - Jessica Manherz (USA)
Best Screenplay: The Diner - Adam Smith (USA)
Best Student Film: The King's Garden - Phoebe Fronista (USA)
Best Television Pilot: Stardust and the Bandit - Sarah Sher & Dick Fisher (USA)

Orson Welles Awards
Animated Film:     Hoggie & Snip - Magnus Hjerpe
California Film: Double Truth - Daniel Watson & Rafael Cortina
Documentary Film: Last Stand of Nymboida - Jeff Bird 
Music Video: Falling - Nic Weinfeld
Narrative Film: Life! Camera Action… - Rohit Gupta
Screenplay Competition: Serene - Nick Zerance
Short Film: Terms Of Employment - Glynn Turner
Student Film: Break - Ray Pang
Television Pilot: Millie's 101 Things - Claire Wasmund

Screenplay Competition
1st Place: Jupiter written by Richard Moon
2nd Place: Select Society written by Barbara Nicolosi
3rd Place: The Watermelon Project written by Jennifer Bouani
4th Place: Burning Ice written by N.A. Bevins
5th Place: Pot Shop written by Judah Ray Neiditch

Official Finalists
A Man of His Word written by Jennifer Martin
Abomination written by Ross Raffin
Amber Waves written by Cicely Wynne
Complications written by Richard Moon
Dierdan written by Peter Dimako
My Mermaid written by Adam Roberts
Shadowboxing the Mob written by Lou Buttino
The Chinese Disco written by John Harris
The Journal written by Braide Keyland
The Road to Atonement written by John J. Maffucci

Honorable Mentions
Chasing Bugs written by Debbra J. Jansen
Cutthroat written by James Hsiao
Dirty Business written by Haik Hakobian
Expiration Date written by Ferran Masip-Valls
If Planes Were Shooting Stars written by Randy Hatch
The Legend of McCoy Mountain & The Gold 45 Revolver written by Elliot McGucken
Through Laura's Eyes written by Donna Adams
West Texas written by Andrea Voight
Without the Boys written by Joey Kent
Zombie Games written by Emily Thorne

Short Script Competition
1st Place: Dribbling Sibling written by Therese Gibbons
2nd Place: End Year's Eve written by Matt Panfil
3rd Place: Embrace the Suck: A Fish Out of Marbles written by Celeste Chan Wolfe
4th Place: Roommates written by Alec Montano & Jason Ricker
5th Place: No Way Home written by Joseph Mancini

Official Finalists
Funhouse written by Paul Ellington
It Rains on Everyone written by Bryan Kelsey
Only Us written by Joseph Brettillo
Two of a Kind written by Daniel Börjesson

Honorable Mentions
A Mile in Her Shoes written by Donna Adams
Hitting a Wall written by Todd Koenitz
Sunset Fire written by A. Wayne Carter