Daniel’s high-energy drum and percussion performances have captivated audiences all over the world. Add an extensive and diverse musical background into the formula and it is clear to see why Daniel de los Reyes is one of most sought after percussionists on the music scene today playing everything from rock to funk to jazz to R&B to Latin and world rhythms.

Over the years, Daniel has performed on tour, record, TV, movie and video with a virtual who’s who of music giants including Don Henley, Earth, Wind & Fire, Sting, The Killers, Sheryl Crow, Patti LaBelle, Peter Frampton, Jennifer Lopez, Don Omar, Stevie Nicks, Louie Vega, Ricky Martin, Shakira, Lionel Richie, Kenny Ortega, Steve Winwood, and many others.

His proven track record as one of the most in-demand touring musicians in the industry for more than two decades has been invaluable to Daniel forming his own DRUMJUNGLE INC. entertainment company and producing one of the most ground-breaking shows ever, RhythmEvolution! Combining high-energy interaction between drums, percussions, dancers, and singers, his visually stunning and musically powerful RhythmEvolution shows fuse together rhythms from all over the world for a true multi-cultural experience.

Daniel’s DRUMJUNGLE INC. company is quickly being recognized as the “One Stop Shop” for a very diverse client base and produces customized entertainment productions for high energy dance party extravaganzas, private or corporate events, film or theater premiere celebrations, product launches, convention entertainment, percussion accompaniment, drum lines, educational seminars, or everything in between. DRUMJUNGLE INC. boosts one of the largest collections of multicultural and customized percussion/drum equipment in the world and their talent roster includes the world's most respected and elite drummers and percussionists who have played, toured, and recorded with a virtual who's who in music all around the globe.

DW (Drum Workshop) recently added to their Smart Practice Line with Daniel de los Reyes’ new invention and signature “Practice Pro Pad”. This new innovative “Practice Pro Pad” is an all-in-one practice timbale and realistic sounding conga that is ideal for warming up backstage or perfecting chops anywhere, anytime. His best-selling “One Shot Shaker” with LP Percussion continues to be called “brilliant” by musicians and critics nationwide. Daniel’s revolutionary new LP One Shot shaker’s unique design enables both novice and professional musicians to execute simple or even the most complex rhythms for an entire musical track with improved precision and ease.

Recent recordings include The Killers "Day & Age" CD. In addition Daniel recorded on Peter Frampton’s Grammy award-winning recording “Fingerprints” where Daniel was presented with an award for his participation on the album by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Science. He also recently recorded with Sheldon Reynold's "Devoted Spirits: A Tribute to Earth, Wind & Fire", John (JR) Robinson's "Funk Shui," the Jimmy Hendrix tribute project titled “Power of Soul,” and Earth, Wind & Fire's "The Promise" CD. Video appearances include best-selling DVD’s and videos such as “Don Henley Live—Inside Job”; Yanni’s “Tribute”; Jennifer Lopez “Feeling So Good”; and Ricky Martin’s “The Ricky Martin Video Collection” featuring the Grammy performance of “Living la Vida Loca.”

Born in New York City and raised in Puerto Rico and Las Vegas, Daniel is of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent and a third generation musician in the de los Reyes family. He received his early drum instruction from his father, Walfredo de los Reyes Sr., one of Cuba’s most prominent and influential drummers. His grandfather, Walfredo de los Reyes II, was one of the founding members of the successful Cuban orchestra Casino de la Playa.

Daniel continues to broaden his musical talents to include recording and producing new projects. Stepping into the spotlight as bandleader and producer, Daniel celebrates his Cuban roots while playing the driving rhythms, upbeat tempos, and danceable mambos, rumbas, and cha-cha-chas of his heritage. His critically-acclaimed SAN RAFAEL 560 album earned him high praise and recognition from fans and music critics alike. Cuban music legends Armando Peraza, Candido Camera, the Los Papines family, and Buena Vista Social Club’s Amadito Valdez have all praised SAN RAFAEL 560 for its authenticity.

Jareb Cobb of DRUM! Magazine sums it best: "As a highly acclaimed percussionist, performer, producer, clinician, and inventor, Daniel de los Reyes is a rare example of someone who possesses the right combination of intelligence, experience, connections, and guts that separates himself from the masses. His pedigreed upbringing allows him to dream big, his years of paying dues on the road allow him to filter these ideas with a business-minded sieve, and his passion for life and music -- they are one in the same for him -- allows him to pursue worthy ideas with the level of energy and enthusiasm that they demand. He's a visionary with the drive to execute. But above all, he is and always has been one single thing: a drummer.”

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