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Tomorrow Sound Now for Yes Music People Suchamuch

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The Get-Go

The latest Paul Cebar albums, Tomorrow Sound Now For Yes Music People and Suchamuch, should be avaliable at their gigs and at all finer CD stores (at least if you live in Milwaukee). Read about Suchamuch in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, in the Shepherd Express (archived), or at Pete's Weekly Music Review.

Many attempts have been made to describe Paul's mixture of wide-ranging musical influences. A good basic description is a combination of singer-songwriter, r&b/soul/funk, and world music. Just to give people a point of reference, I tell them he's like a very funky Jimmy Buffett. Forgive me, Paul.

I Can't Dance For You (EP)

Paul Cebar And The Milwaukeeans have been igniting dance floors since the mid-80's at high, low, and inbetween-class joints not only in Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis, and Chicago, but also throughout This Great Land Of Ours (now that Obama's been elected, maybe), have appeared at several House Of Blues clubs and the Barns of Wolf Trap, and at this point can be said to be a fixture at Milwaukee's annual lakefront Summerfest festival, occuring around the cusp of June and July. They can also invariably be found in New Orleans during the Jazz And Heritage Festival, which Paul has been attending since 1979; in 1998 Paul attained a long held personal goal when the band played the main stage. They have also appeared on the Prairie Home Companion radio show several times. Many considered their performance of "One Step Up" a highlight of the recent Springsteen tribute album. Paul also co-hosts a radio show on WMSE Milwaukee (91.7 FM) Wednesdays from 9-12 AM; webcasts seem to be available.

Upstroke For The Downfolk That Unhinged Thing

There was an R&B Cadets reunion in 2001. The band consisted of Paul, Robin Pluer, John and Mike Sieger, Juli Wood, Bob Jennings, and Bob Schneider. They played on June 5 at Rainbow Summer, June 15 at Harbor Fest in Racine, July 3 at Fitzgeralds in Berwyn (along with several other groups), and July 8 at Summerfest. I attended the Harbor Fest, Summerfest, and Bastille Days shows, and the band, individually and collectively, played and sang superbly and were very well received; it's like they never left. Here's a brief review of the Summerfest show. Also, "Top Happy", the Cadets' album, has finally been issued on CD for the first time. They also played Summerfest and a couple of other gigs in 2003, but without Paul.


Paul grew up in Milwaukee and graduated from high school there in 1975. He subsequently attended a progressive college, the New College of the University of South Florida in Sarasota where he wrote a thesis on the work of Louis Jordan and graduated (Humanities, emphasis in Musicology) in 1980. Returning to Milwaukee in the summers, there was a mercifully brief flirtation with folk music with a solo act around 1976-7. He joined the R & B Cadets in the early 80's, where he initially specialized in covers (versions of old songs), but began writing original material during his tenure with the Cadets. Following the breakup of the Cadets in 1986, the Milwaukeeans, a side project, was ratcheted up to full band status, and they have continued up to the present. Paul has won several WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) awards, most recently Male Vocalist, Stage Entertainer, and Artist of the Year in 1999. Paul has a huge collection of LP's and 45's, and also collects vintage clothing; he has appeared in TV commercials for Goodwill.

An approximate personnel history of the Milwaukeeans/Tomorrow Sound

With special guest appearances by The R & B Cadets, Semi-Twang, EIEIO, Rhythm Club, Mrs. Fun, the Mosleys, and the Spanic Boys.
Key: (<- from, -> to)

Mark I

As far as I know, Paul Cebar and The Milwaukeeans were originally Paul's side band when he was in the R & B Cadets (formed 1979). The Milwaukeeans consisted of Paul, fellow Cadet(te) Robin Pluer (vocals, mostly), Rip Tenor (tenor sax, what else?), and Al Anderson (acoustic bass). Paul and Robin met in 1980 and were, um, romantically involved during this period (1981-6?); this might add a certain...resonance to some of the songs from then and since. Paul and the Cadets released an EP "Get A Move On" in 1981 (see Earlier recordings subsection below for details). After the Cadets finally released their long-awaited album "Top Happy" (also see below), they broke up in 1986 (Al played bass on a few of the later gigs). The 1/3-each split of lead vocals between Paul, Robin, and John Seiger (see Alumni section below) was indicative of the artistic tensions within the band. John and the other 2/3 of the band got together with 1 or 2 guys from EIEIO to form the country-oriented Semi-Twang, which recorded a troubled album on Warner Brothers which quickly vanished (the album, that is), as did the band.

Mark II

Meanwhile, the Milwaukeeans added Randy Baugher (drums) and Juli Wood (alto and baritone sax, vocals - former Cadet) with Robin adding occasional keyboards and glockenspiel, becoming a quote regular unquote band. Peter Roller (rhythm and/or co-lead, lap steel guitar; <- Yank Rachell!) was soon added. This classic female vocal/keyboards-2 guitars-2 saxes-bass-drums lineup remained stable for quite a while, except for a succession of tenor sax players after Rip Tenor (-> journalism?!): Tony Jarvis (-> solo), (briefly) Greg Tardy (-> minor jazz fame), and Paul Scher. At various points in time Rob Gjersoe replaced Peter Roller (-> academia, gigging) and Al switched to electric bass (darn it). With this lineup the Milwaukeeans finally released their long-awaited album (sound familiar?) That Unhinged Thing in 1993, although Peter, Greg, and Tony are on some tracks.

During this period and since, Robin and Juli had their side band Rhythm Club, with Connie Grauer (keyboards) and Kim Zick (drums), both of Mrs. Fun, and Daryl Steurmer's brother on bass (at least early on).

Mark III

There was a period of transition as Juli (-> jazz gigging in Chicago) left the band in 1993, and McKinley "Mac" Perkins (conga/percussion) was added. Shortly thereafter, Robin (-> marriage, gigging) left and Paul S. added keyboards, forming the 2 guitars-sax/keyboards-bass-drums-conga configuration which recorded the Upstroke For The Downfolk album (1995), although Juli appears on some tracks. At some point Al (-> teaching) was replaced by Mike Kachou (gezundheit!). Then Rob (-> Jimmie Dale Gilmore, the Flatlanders), Randy, and Paul S. (-> who knows?) were replaced by Terry Vittone, Reggie Bordeaux (<- Capitol Drive) and Bob Jennings (former Cadet), respectively. This lineup recorded the I Can't Dance For You EP (1996) and The Get-Go (1997). Later Mac (-> KoThi Dance Company musical director) was replaced by Michael Walls. Recent changes: Mike K. was replaced for a while by Ethan Bender (<- Streetlife), and then by Patrick Patterson; Mike W. left the band, replaced by Romero Beverly (><- KoThi Dance Company); Terry left the band at the beginning of 2002 to pursue his own muse.

Tomorrow Sound

Mac re-replaced his replacement's replacement, and Mike Fredrickson (<- solo, Mosleys, Spanic Boys) replaced Patrick (got that?).

Band Alumni/ae

A doozy of a chantoozy, Miss (sorry guys, she's married) Robin Pluer!
In 1999 Robin released an excellent CD of songs in French, "Les Chansons du Crepuscule (Songs of Twilight)". Juli, Connie, Kim, and Peter are on it. "Meli-Melo" is her latest CD. They can be obtained here (scroll down).
A while back Paul told me that he was producing an R & B album by Robin - very gradually. According to her website, it 'will include R&B and French ballads'.

In 1998 Juli Wood released "Movin' And Groovin'", a terrific CD of her playing and singing. Mel Rhyne, who was with Wes Montgomery, also plays on the album. She also released "Blues For Earma Jean" with Chicago pianist Earma Thompson in 2004. Here are her albums from Juli's store.

Peter Roller's Rock Roots Home Page (archived).

John Sieger - comeback and perspective on the R & B Cadets (Shepherd Express 9/00) (archived).

John Sieger's MySpace page.

Mike Fredrickson's MySpace page. Get his latest solo album here.

Articles / Reviews / Interviews

The 60-Second Interview: Paul Cebar (New Orleans Times-Picayune 2/08)
Live from Wisconsin: Paul Cebar (NPR 9/03)
Milwaukee Talks: Paul Cebar ( 11/01)
Paul & the band perform at the Jazz and Heritage Fest (Shepherd Express 5/98) (archived)
Anthem Guests: Robert Keen (98) (+ photo of Paul) (archived)
"Soul Searching" (Gambit Weekly 11/97) (+ 3 photos of Paul)
George Graham Reviews "Upstroke For The Downfolk" (3/96) (+ CD cover)
Paul Cebar & The Milwaukeeans review - The Green Parrot Bar/Key West, FL (archived)


Paul Cebar listing in the All Music Guide.
Search results for Paul Cebar at BMI (music publishing rights organization).
Paul's ASCAP material, including the songs on That Unhinged Thing, is not yet on their database.

For the vinyl fetishist

R & B Cadets - Top Happy: sealed LP for $7 @ LPnow!

MP3's / RealAudio / etc.

downloads from The Get-Go for 94 cents at Walmart (booo!)
R & B Cadets - Top Happy (MP3 samples-128)
Shank Hall Music Sampler (RealAudio - 1 track: "Bungalowing Big Time") (archived)
"A&E Ongoing: Basilica Coverage, Night One" (RealAudio, clips only) (+ photo of Mac Perkins)

Still more recordings (if you must)

Browse shows for Paul Cebar & the Milwaukeeans ( - The Trader's Database)
Live at the Nomad, Vol. 1 (CD - sampler: probably 1 track, unknown title) (archived - probably defunct)
"Recent DAUD masters to trade" (Paul Cebar & the Milwaukeeans)
1 live tape (Paul Cebar & the Milwaukeeans)

Earlier recordings

Top Happy
Top Happy - The R & B Cadets (1986 LP, no CD (until 2001) or cassette version)
songs: see R & B Cadets site in MP3's etc. subsection above
personnel: Paul, Robin, John Sieger-guitar, Mike Sieger-bass, Bob Jennings-sax,keyboards, Bob Schneider-drums
Paul Scher-Tenor Sax (6 tracks)

Cebar/Schmidt-front Cebar/Schmidt-back
The Outskirts Of You b/w Baby, It's Cold Outside -
Paul Cebar and Claudia Schmidt (1983 - 45 rpm)

(click image to see larger version)

Get a Move On-front Get a Move On-back
Get A Move On - Paul Cebar and The R & B Cadets (1981 - 7" 33 1/3 rpm EP)
songs: Hook, Line And Sinker, One Is Green, Headin' For The Poorhouse,
Down By The River (no, not that one)
personnel: The R & B Cadets - Cy Costabile-drums, Jim Corrigan-guitar,
Julie (Wood, nee) Hendrickson-sax,clarinet,vocals, Robin Pluer-vocals,
John Sieger-guitar,vocals, Mike Sieger-bass,vocals
with special guests - Rip Tenor-saxophone, Bill Camplin-vocals
Mr. Cebar-vocals, a touch of guitar


Paul and the band at Viroqua, WI
Paul and the band at the 1998 Milwaukee RiverSplash
graphics from I Can't Dance For You & The Get-Go (archived)
Paul's notable Twilighter Model 213R guitar amp
Paintings by D.H. Magnuski of Robin Pluer, Juli Wood, and Rip Tenor

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