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Paediatric Imaging

Gunstock deformity

cubitus varus internal rotation and extension deformity resulting from malreduction of a supracondylar fracture. Detection of this deformity requires full elbow extension and for this reason may not be recognized until after the fracture has healed. The deformity may be unsightly but is nonprogressive and does not limit function, it may however predispose the child to subsequent lateral condylar fracture. The carrying angle of the elbow is the varus or valgus angulation at the elbow. This can be assessed radiologically on an anteroposterior radiograph with the elbow fully extended and the forearm fully supinated. The angle of intersection is measured between a line along the longitudinal axis of the humerus and a line along the longitudinal axis of the forearm. Normally the elbow is in approximately 10 of valgus.