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This web site contains a collection of historic books, maps, pictures, illustrations on the history of Dublin.
The most complete history of Dublin Ireland on the Internet today
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This web site contains a collection of historic books, maps, pictures, illustrations plus books to buy on both Irish History and Genealogy and plenty of other information including links to other research material to help you in your research. So whether you are researching your Irish Ancestry, interested in Irish or the history of Dublin or just planning a visit then you need look no further you should find all the information you need on this web site.

You will find a link to a search page at the top of this web page on which you can submit your search query of all books contained in the archive.

Ken Finlay started the Chapters of Dublin History Web site as an online resource on the History of Dublin, Ireland; Dublin and its history have long been a passion of his and he has published at least two books on the subject.

Ken Finlay did all the hard work of scanning and creating the book collection. All the books in the archive where converted by Ken and made available via this web-site to the general public. I regret to say that Ken Finlay is no longer actively involved in this project due to other commitments.

The book archive consists of a collection of out of print books that contain information about locations in Dublin. In some if not most cases the locations described may no longer exist and the information contained in these books is the only record that they ever did. In other cases it will help explain how some locations got their place names.

Locating information

In order to locate information in the book archive use the search page since all content has been fully indexed so can be searched by keyword. The results of  your search will be presented in a frame on the search page however because content is in a frame it will not be possible to print information. However, if you use the site map to locate the desired page which contains the required information you will be able to print the page via your browser .

I have tried to make this Web site simple to use and as easy as possible to locate information contain within the book archive but it still requires some effort on your part to locate the information you require.

Searching this Website

The fastest way is to use the search engine to search the archive by keyword. The closes match to your search keyword gets the highest percentage so is listed nearer the top of the results page and so on down to the lowest or least likely match which is listed towards the bottom of the results page.
Where To Look

All books, articles, pictures and maps are listed in the Book List page a link to which can be found at the top of  each page but I have also included information from other resources as well as links. While this Website is about the history of Dublin local history and genealogy do cross paths so with that fact in mind I have also tried to provide resources and information to assist those researching their family history. Please note I do not undertake research into nor provide information regarding  genealogy apart from that contained within this Website and of course you are welcome and encouraged to use the Family Tree Maker on this Web site which is provided as a free service.
I would like to thank Enda Lee for donating his collection to the archive so it would be available in the public domain for research purposes. The collection includes Maps of Ireland from Cassell's Gazetteer; 1899, Maps of Dublin from 1610 and 1878, A list of names in the Index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland 1536 - 1810 by Sir Arthur Vicars; 1897, Maps and descriptions of the counties of Ireland from Samuel Lewis; 1837, Irish names of places from P W Joyce; 1869-70.
All content of  the book archive and this web site has been fully indexed and can be searched by keyword by clicking on the search button at the top of this page or the link below which will take you to the search page.
With our free online Family Tree Maker, you will be able to add to and edit your family tree. Members of your family may contribute by simply by logging in to your private section of the Web site and add information about their own branch of the family tree. You have have full control with your own admin password and another to give to family contributors as well as a third for people you only want to allow view the information but not add their own. This system shouldn't be used alone to store your valued family history records but is ideal for collecting and sharing information with other family members world wide.

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The links page contains links to some great resources for researching both your family and history of Dublin Ireland. Includes some links to resources on both local and National History well worth a browse if you are interested in either the history of Dublin or your Ancestry.
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