Diamonds & Rust In The Bullring DIAMONDS & RUST IN THE BULLRING

Original release date: April 1989
Produced by: Alan Abrahams for Victory Productions
Album cover design by: Marlene Bergman
Album cover illustrations by: Joan Baez
Additional musicians and vocalists: John Acosta, Begnat Amorena, Laythan
Armor, Cesar Cancino, Jean Marie Eday, Jose Agustin Guereu, L. A. Mass Choir (led by Donald Taylor), Costel Restea, Mercedes Sosa
Issued on stereo vinyl: Gold Castle Records D1-71321
Issued on cassette tape: Gold Castle Records D4-71321
Issued on CD: Gold Castle Records D2-71321
Re-issued in 1996 on CD: Guardian Records 54617
Issued on European CD: Virgin/Gold Castle Records CDVGC-9
Issued in 1994 on European CD: Virgin/Gold Castle Records TPAK-30 (as part of three-disc box set including RECENTLY and SPEAKING OF DREAMS)

Track List:
Diamonds & Rust (J. Baez)
Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around (traditional, arr. by J. Baez)
No Woman, No Cry (V. Ford)
Famous Blue Raincoat (L. Cohen)
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (traditional, arr. by J. Baez)
Let It Be ( J. Lennon, P. McCartney)
El Preso Numero Nueve (H. Cantoral)
Llego Con Tres Heridas (M. Hernandez, arr. by J. Baez)
Txoria Txori (J. A. Arze, M. Laboa)
Ellas Danzan Solas (Cueca Sola) (R.Livi, Sting)
Gracias A La Vida (V. Parra, arr. by J. Baez)
No Nos Moveran (traditional, arr. by J. Baez)

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