New York Times Publishes Hit Piece Against US Constitution As FBI Demonizes Everyday Americans As Possible Terrorists :

New York Times Publishes Hit Piece Against US Constitution As FBI Demonizes Everyday Americans As Possible Terrorists

The Intel Hub News Brief
February 7, 2012

In a move that has shocked many Americans, the New York Times has published a hit piece against the US Constitution and its “outdated” ways.

The hit piece comes on the heels of a sitting justice of the Supreme Court recommending multiple other constitutions and human rights charters to Egypt over the very constitution she is tasked to protect.

Joe Joseph, speaking during an emotionally charged Intel Hub News Brief Podcast, outlined this disgusting attack on the very foundation of this country and the ridiculous examples and excuses used to demonize the Constitution.

In the hit piece, the author actually claims that the US Constitution guarantees “relatively few rights.

There are lots of possible reasons. The United States Constitution is terse and old, and it guarantees relatively few rights.

The commitment of some members of the Supreme Court to interpreting the Constitution according to its original meaning in the 18th century may send the signal that it is of little current use to, say, a new African nation.

And the Constitution’s waning influence may be part of a general decline in American power and prestige.

Relatively few rights? Interpreting the Constitution in its original form a bad thing? America losing its prestige because we follow our Constitution?

These absurd statements and type of thinking actually make sense coming from the New York Times, especially when you consider their devout worship of globalization and any war the military industrial complex wishes to wage.


Consider this quote taken from a 1991 Bilderberg Meeting in Baden, Germany from none other than kingpin globalist David Rockefeller:

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.”

“It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.” -David Rockefeller -

Meanwhile, the FBI is now demonizing Americans who seek to restore the gold standard as possible terrorists, the Department of Homeland Security is openly promoting and attempting to control globalization, and the entire corporate media is pushing misinformation in their bid to convince the American people to support an illegal war with Iran.

If we actually followed the Constitution none of the above acts of tyranny would be allowed to happen and this fact is the underlining reason why attacks against the US Constitution have been increasingly occurring throughout the corporate controlled media.

These attacks also seem to be a way to promote new documents that are crafted to make it clear that the government gave the people their rights rather than the obvious fact that they are inalienable and god given.

You can download the Mp3 version of the podcast here.

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22 Responses to “New York Times Publishes Hit Piece Against US Constitution As FBI Demonizes Everyday Americans As Possible Terrorists”
  1. R says:

    “guarantees relatively few rights” WTF?
    It guarantees UNALIENABLE RIGHTS–those are not few. Wow. Those reading that New York Times article who agree with it and are unaware of their rights and how they are distinguished from privileges, will be the dangerous ones.

  2. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Losing $40,000,000 in one year will do that to a newspaper that believes people want to hear lies as news. The New York Times is sunk. That whole bloody lifestyle requires millions of willing slaves. New York Times, go to Hell. Go directly to Hell. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.00. Time to close the board and send your friends home.

    • nicodemus says:

      the top power the people have is volume, numbers. BANKRUPT that rag by BOYCOTT- online and print. Buying, reading or consuming NYT is to underwrite your own incarceration.

  3. i saw it in print today while looking throught the nyt at work… the headline there was “‘We the People’ Loses Followers”. as if the constitution was some lame old thing you used to ‘like’ on facebook – but it got, like, totally boring!

  4. BartleyJ says:

    Yes! go brother, go! That’s the spirit! hit em hard. Bastards! Time to get PISSED. people! why is there only 4 damn comments? this place should be overflowing with pissed off Americans! Is the country surely doomed because of apathy?!?! C’mon!

  5. BartleyJ says:

    By the way, you are absolutely correct about the voting machines! WE need to fix this ASAP, Vote overwhelmingly for Ron Paul, write him in, and make it impossible for them to cheat somehow!

    • Rex Conrad says:

      Not to rain on your suggestion bro, but it’s not the votes that matter. It’s the slimey establishment goons who call the totals in to election HQ. No matter how transparent the voting process, you’ll find that the establishment has set up convenient choke-points where the results can be ‘re-directed’. They did this in Iowa and Nevada already, and will continue to do so all the way up to the nomination.

  6. Mongoose says:

    It is not the limited rights that the Constitution acknowledges, but the limits it places on government that annoys them, and stands in their way.

  7. amicusbriefs says:

    The FBI, Former Bolshevik Irregulars, are classifying anyone not subservient to the Hebrew Mafia as terrorists. The New York Times, even more of an Israeli mouthpiece than the ever-repugnant Alan Dershowitz, merely regurgitates the edicts of its owners-the aforementioned Uber-sayanim. They eye the Constitution, which actually says their laws may not exist, with considerable fear.

  8. Sarah says:

    I hope that as Americans are researching the internet they realize the amount of baloney the “mainstream media” has been telling us and continues to tell us, for years and years. I don’t read “mainstream media” anymore. It’s all lies and manipulation. Why bother. I don’t think I’m alone in that everyone I know reads and researches on the internet. For instance I make sure they all read Intelhub. I forward it to them and they forward it to their families and friends nd so on. I ask them to notify me if they subscribe to Intel and most of them do subscribe. Goodbye New York Times! Hello Intelhub! Oh and thanxs for this article, the New York Times has shown their true colors. They are not in support of America and our Constitutional Republic they are interested in a Marxist Communist Country, I think it’s time for them to shut down their so called newspaper/internet site and leave our country. We are not interested in their rhetoric! Americans have to just say NO to illegal laws that go against our Constitution and to say NO to Communism! Long live America the Free!

    • Alex says:

      Sarah – Thank you so much for the support and spreading the word about our website to your friends and family. If everyone that visits our website on a daily basis was as actively engaged as yourself we would be reaching 10 times the amount of people that we do now. Thanks again, and please email me, so i can add you to the special supporters email list that receives exclusive stuff(stickers, flyers, reports a day earlier, etc)

  9. Al Sowins says:

    We stand as a sovereign nation; not some crazy New World Order. We derive our rights from God; not from some manmade government. Our constitution enumerates those God-given rights and specifies that our government may do only those things specifically authorized by the Constitution. Like the Bible, it may neither added to or subtracted from. The Tenth Amendment is to the Constitution what Col.3.17 and ICor.4.6 and 2Tim.3.16-17 are to the Bible. “in the name of” implies “by the authority of”. “What is written” is the Scripture. “Inspired of God”, “furnishing completely for every good work” mean “from God” and “covering all the bases”. We stand with Patrick Henry’s,”Give me liberty or give me death”! If you Council on Foreign Relations traitors want to destroy our Constitution, bring it on! Because we will uphold it with our lives; against YOU, its enemy!

  10. Alan Folsom says:

    The New York Times is owned and run by Zionist traitors and everyone knows it. Their days are numbered.

  11. ronnnie boy b says:

    they are digging our graves with the shovel we gave them,and the sheep sleep as the darkness creeps,what they have planned,as we all know,is horrible.what the LORD JESUS has planned for them is unimaginable,there will be payment in full for every tear and every drop of blood on their satanic hands.


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