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Apple Sues Motorola in Latest Legal Spat

Apple filed a lawsuit against Motorola Mobility on Friday, saying Apple’s iPhone 4S is protected under a license agreement from Qualcomm.

Activision CEO Hirshberg Says His Call of Duty Is to Take Creative Risks

Activision, as the maker of first-person shooter Call of Duty, took a risk bringing a children’s game to market. But Skylanders: Spryo’s Adventure has been totally worth it.

EU Competition Chief: Screw Around With Standards Essential Patents and You’ll Be Sorry

Tech companies plotting to use standards essential patents to bolster their market power best think twice before doing so.

Can We Finally Say: Bye-Bye, Booth Babes?

Isn’t it time for our industry to stop using booth babes, once and for all?

Apple Wins Skirmish With Motorola on the German Front

Apple breaks Motorola Mobility’s IP winning streak in Germany.

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Gree’s New San Francisco Office to Accommodate Hiring Spree

Gree, the Tokyo-based company that bought OpenFeint for $100 million earlier this year and is trying to build a global mobile social network, has aggressive hiring plans in San Francisco. The company said it plans to move into a new 41,000-square-foot office this spring, which will enable it to double its headcount to about 300 employees. The game development studio will focus on developing free-to-play games aimed at the international market.

White MacBook, It Was Good Living With You

The white MacBook is (now really, truly) dead.

Lack of Major Videogame Launches in January Drags Down Sales

After a number of epic videogame launches prior to the holiday shopping season, publishers took a month off by not releasing any major titles during January.
call of duty_box

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Amazon Appoints Attorney Jamie Gorelick to Board has added Jamie Gorelick to its board of directors. Gorelick, a partner with the law firm Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr since July 2003, will be added to the Leadership Development and Compensation Committee of the board. Previously, Gorelick held numerous positions in the U.S. government. Amazon now has 10 directors.

Here’s What Apple and Google Are Fighting Over: Search Goes Mobile by 2016

The search business becomes a mobile business by 2016. Maybe even earlier.
Indina_Jones_iPhone Likes Facebook, Loves Big Deals Ahead of Earnings Report

Big deals with Facebook and in the finance industry ahead of’s earnings report are spurring its shares upward today. The trouble will be in setting expectations for next quarter.

Get Ready for More TaskRabbit, With New Open API

There would be an obvious pun here about how TaskRabbit is going to multiply, but the New York Times already used it.

Manual Typewriters, the Original Mobile Devices

Upon hearing manual typewriters are now “a thing,” AllThingsD’s Ina Fried dusts hers off and puts pen to paper extolling the virtues of the pre-computer keyboard.

Kickstarter Comes Into Its Own

Kickstarter is becoming a serious source of funding and marketing for both start-ups and established companies.
Kickstarter on "Portlandia"

Google’s Political Action Committee Getting Lots of Action These Days

The 2012 election cycle is proving a big one for Google NetPAC, the company’s political action committee.