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FX HD to launch on the 21st? Is this correct please?

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fxhdman Posted: 04-08-2008 5:37 AM

Good Morning.

I've read today that FX HD will launch in the UK on the 21st of this month.


With this less than two weeks away, I'm surprised there is no announcement of it on the FX channel itself or the UK website.

There is no mention at all other than this new forum folder.

With this in mind, please could you confirm that reports are accurate and it is commencing on the 21st?

Also, pushing my luck a little, confirmation that both the new seasons of Dexter and Nip/Tuck will be shown from the start in HD would be great too.

Good luck with the launch.

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Come on FoxInsider, surely you can't be happy this is being reported elsewhere first ..... what's the lowdown?

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Actually FXHD will launch on the 28th now*. Tis true that we knew of the plans for the 21st but in our infinite wisdom also new that there was an outside chance it would get pushed back. In this case technical difficulties at the transmission end rather than our frantically scrabbling with lawyers to ensure the HD rights are covered. We will have Dexter in HD, though the new season will broadcast on the main channel first, it is also our intention to have Nip/Tuck as well but pen has not yet been put to paper with the Distributor.

 And that, as they say, is the lowdown.

*subject to the whimsical senses of humour of the television gods.

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Thank you very much for the detailed reply.

 I'll be watching on the 28th*

 Hope all goes well in the meantime.


* God's Permitting

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i can't wait for the fx HD channel!!!

 does anyone know if family guy will be in HD?



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Family Guy in HD? Uhm, don't think so.

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I now get FX HD on SKY Channel 205.


I’ve watched a number of JAG episodes in HD – very good.


Now that the new series of NCIS is starting on Sunday 19 May what are the chances of that appearing on FX HD?

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