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En Sound Entertainment was formed in 1999 out of a need to provide information relating to independent christian artists and their craft. Since the time we started, we have reviewed many projects, done many interviews and have featured many articles on various topics.

EnSoundEntertainment.com has grown over the years and has become a recognizable name, and is one of the leaders in the independent gospel music community. Our focus remains steadfast and we are here to assist each artist in getting their information to the masses. Our monthly hits is fast approaching 400,000 and everyday thousands of new surfers discover our site.

En Sound Radio is definately in a class by itself when it comes to independent gospel recording. There is no other radio station on the worldwide web that playes the wide variety of music like we do, something we are very proud of. We continue to introduce fresh, new talents to the world every day.

As we continue on another journey, we thank God for the last five years, and is looking to many more. Our emphasis is on you, the independent gospel artists, so please continue to support our ministry by advertising with us and providing us with your information, so the world may know that we are your voice.

En Sound Entertainment FAQ


What is EnSoundEntertainment.com?

EnSoundEntertainment.com is an award winning online gospel music magazine, Owned by En Sound Entertainment, LLC, and is dedicated to promoting independent gospel recording artist and their music.


Is En Sound owned or operated by a corporation?

No, En Sound Entertainment which is the parent company of

EnSoundEntertainment.com, is an independent company and is owned and operated by an individual.


How long have you been in business?

We started out in 1999, but as a full-fledge online magazineÖsince 2000


Are the services provided by EnSoundEntertainment.com free?

No, our services are not free of charge. The only things we offer free of charge are press releases and airplays, all other services costs. We encourage all of our artists to advertise in order to maximize the services that we offer such as promotion and e-blasts. If itís quality service you are looking for at a reasonable cost, then we are the company for you. Email us to obtain our various packages.


What are the requirements for being on your site?

You must have a quality recording and this includes good packaging. We will not accept CDs with photocopied inserts or hand-written CD information. That is not attractive at all and will not get our attention. Also, take time to create a good press kit. Never send us a CD without information on yourself.


Does En Sound offers digital downloads?

Yes, En Sound has recently partnered with the Christianjukebox.com to offer digital downloads to our clients.


How many hits does your website generate per month?

Currently we generate over 400,000 hits per month.


Do I have to reside in the US in order to get exposure on your website?

Absolutely not, in fact we welcome gospel artists from all over the world. We have gotten artists from the United Kingdom. We hope that people realize that we are a global ministry.


What do I receive when I advertise with En Sound Entertainment?

Depending on what it is you purchase. For example, if you get our highest package; you get an e-blast, Airplay on our Internet station, you are featured on our website, a banner ad, have your music in our store, and more for just one low cost compare to what others charge for just an e-blast, we are a real bargain!!


How about promotion of my music, does En Sound assist in this outside of what you offer?

Yes, we will assist any artist further, other than what we offer in our packages if the artist shows an interest in his or her music. For example, if you call or email us to see how your music is doing on our station, if you call for information on marketing your music etc., we will further assist you and give you sound advice that will help you if you are willing to utilize it.


Is there a cost for the advice you offer?

Yes, there is a cost. We do not want anyone to waste our time, so we have added a small cost.


Is En Sound really interested in my music or is it my money?

The truth is this; En Sound is making deals with clients almost everyday that most companies do not do. As an independent artist himself, the owner of En Sound understands very well the difficulties of being an independent artist, and as such, is always willing to assist in any way he can. This is really not about money; however, we do not expect you to have some money, as it costs us to keep operations going.


Do I have to advertise in order to get airplay?

We strongly recommend that you promote your music by advertising, not only with us, but others as well. Besides selling your CDs from the trunk of your car, advertising is one of the ways that people will hear about you and your music. If you do not promote your music, why should we play it? Think about it.

Do you pay royalties for the music you play?                                                                                   Yes, En Sound currently pays royalties to ASCAP and BMI through SWCAST.net who collects on their behalf. This is one of many reasons we encourage you to advertise with us, so we can continue paying those royalties among other things


How sure can I be that people is going to hear my music?

This is Internet radio, and literally hundreds of people tune in every week. Thatís how sure we are. As for them buying your music, once again you have to advertise in addition to getting airplay.


What makes En Sound different from other companies of its kind?

Here at En Sound, our clients are number one. We go the extra mile to ensure that they are satisfied with our services. As one who has a customer service background, it is important that when someone calls, they get to speak with you. If we are not available at the time you call, we always get back to you. In addition, we are able to keep our costs down because almost everything we do is done in house, so thereís no need to pay a second or third party in most cases. We are also big on quality in all that we do.



EnSoundEntertainment.com...the difference is clear!

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