Daily-Weekly Activities


This guide provides you with a complete list of rewards from activities which Jagex limits to once per day or once per week.

Daily Activities


Identification Reward Requirement(s)
FlaxFlax 30 (easy)
60 (medium)
120 (hard)
200 (elite)
Seer's Headband 3Seers' Village Tasks
PineappleCooking Apple
Pineapples and Apples
40 free pineapples
40 free apples (elite)
Karamja Gloves 3Karamja Tasks
(7,000 gp each)
16 (easy)
32 (medium)
64 (hard)
80 (elite)
Varrock Armour 3Varrock Tasks
Magic Lvl21Low Alchemy spell casts 30 (easy) Explorer's Ring 3Lumbridge Tasks
Magic Lvl43Superheat Item casts 27 (hard)
Magic Lvl55High Alchemy spell casts 15 (hard)
Runicon New Run Replenish 50% restored once (beginner)
50% restored twice (easy)
50% restored three times (medium)
Pure EssencePure Essence 100 (medium)
150 (hard)
(cape not required)
Ardougne Cloak 3Ardougne Tasks
Beginner FarmingIcon Teleport to Ardougne farm Once (medium)
Unlimited (elite)
Logo PrayerPrayer Restore Once - 25% (easy)
50% (medium)
100% (hard)
100% 2x (elite)
Falador Shield 3Falador Tasks
Rune EssenceRune essence 100 free Wicked HoodWicked hood
Pure EssencePure essence 100 free after using an Omni talisman or tiara on the Wicked hood
Air RuneLow level runes 100 free (body or lower, provided you unlocked them)
Cosmic RuneHigh level runes 5 free (cosmic or higher, provided you unlocked them)
Wickedhoodtele Altar teleports 2 teleports to any altar in which your wicked hood has consumed the corresponding talisman.


Identification Reward Requirement(s)
Blue CharmBork Fight Crimson charms(7), Blue charms(5), Big bones, Uncut sapphire, Uncut emerald, Uncut ruby, miscellaneous drop, 250xp Slayer
(gem and coins drop more generous with a ring of wealth)
(double charm drops after the Varrock Tasks)
What Lies Below
Hunt for Surok
Logo SlayerJade Vine Fight 2500 Slayer xp, 250 Woodcutting xp Icon Jade Vine Back to my Roots
Jade Vine SeedJade Vine Farming 1500 farming xp free; pruning branches (prevents fight activity) 30 xp Farming each
Logo Manage Thy KingdomManage Thy Kingdom Maintain approval at 100% for best rewards Throne of Miscellania
Royal Trouble
Logo Phoenix LairPhoenix Lair Fight 1000 xp Crafting, 7500 xp Firemaking, 3000 xp Fletching, 500 xp Slayer, 5 Phoenix feathers In Pyre Need
Bucket Of SandSand 84 free
(120 after completing the Ardougne Tasks)
Hand in the Sand

Distractions and Diversions

Identification Reward Requirement(s)
Evil Tree LogoEvil Tree Twice per day - Woodcutting, Firemaking and Farming xp (depends on type of tree and your effort) Evil Tree
Logo ShootingstarShooting Star Cash in star dust once per day - maximum reward (for 200 stardust) is 50,002 gp, 20 gold ore (noted), 152 cosmic runes, 52 astral runes, ability to mine two ores at once for up to 15 minutes Shooting Star


Identification Reward Requirements
Pineapple and Seaweed
Buy for 2gp each by talking to Arhein in Catherby. He sells 40 pineapple and 80 seaweed per day. He does not restock until you buy him out. None
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Weekly Activities


Identification Reward Requirement(s)
Bonesack (e)Skeletal Horror Fight 1250 Slayer and 1000 Prayer exp Fur 'n' Seek part 2
Logo Manage Thy KingdomManage Thy Kingdom Collect rewards (every 10 days maximises bonuses) Throne of Miscellania
Royal Trouble
Daily HandkerchiefHanky Points Turn in hanky points for Thieving xp. Buyers and Cellars

Distractions and Diversions

Identification Reward Requirement(s)
TogiconTears of Guthix Experience rewarded to your lowest skill. Tears of Guthix
Circus LogoCircus Experience in Ranged, Magic and Agility and points for costumes. None
Famil Spirit WolfFamiliarisation Blessing for triple drop bonus (up to 40 minutes) or a Box of summoning ingredients None
Logo PenguinPenguin Hide and Seek Penguin Points traded for experience or gp. None
Bait WormsFish Flingers Played up to 10 times per week, more if you are able to find additional tickets while playing the Distraction. Gain Fishing exp, fish tokens and earn medals. None
Shattered Heart Mini IconShattered Heart Rebuild once per week - gain experience in each non-combat skill. None
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Original Guide by: Pokemama and TheLeonardo

Thanks to: dumb_dog66, Helios Gamos, Howlin1, Jaffy1, Mil, tonguetamer3, UnrealBLight, Zeno

Last updated by: Jaffy1

Last updated on: 12-Dec-2011


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