*MORE* Feds: You can’t dig “IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR OIL”, “Sounds like they got something to hide” — Tarballs encountered while building SAND CASTLE (VIDEO)

Digging not illegal, WEAR Channel 3, September 20, 2010:

Transcript Excerpts

I wanted to show you this sand castle out here that some one had abandoned and you can see that while they were building it, they encountered this, quite a few gooey tarballs out here on the Gulf Side Beach.

We were told last week, that doing something like this, building a sand castle, was illegal.

Pat Gonzales of US Fish and Wildlife: “You can not come out here and do your own investigation if you’re looking for oil product.” …

Officer A. Negron of the National Parks Service: “It’s a National Park. You can’t dig.” Thomas: “So no sand castles, none of that huh?” Officer A. Negron/National Parks Service: “That’s correct.”

Mark Scarbrough, Tourist: “Sounds like they got something to hide, doesn’t it.”

Cindy Scarbrough, Tourist: “I guess they’re trying to hide it.” …MORE

WEAR report here.

Don’t miss the body language/non-verbals of the head of the park near the end:

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