"Someone once said that no one ever leaves us as long as they are remembered. Jeremy Brett will always be remembered, along with the pleasure, the excitement and the laughter he brought to us all."   - Edward Hardwicke

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'A STUDY IN CELLULOID' back in print 

Ash Tree Press have released an e-book version of 'Bending the Willow', you can order it by clicking here. In other book related news... 'Study in Celluloid' has been reprinted by Wessex Press. You can buy the book by clicking here


Over the last few months I have been talking to friends and colleagues of the late Joan Wilson and from this a picture has emerged of a most fascinating lady... 

A woman that was strong, independent and commanding in her line of work, yet retaining a warm, loyal and humorous nature which endeared her to many. Joan was certainly not a person of conventionality, and with this came a great understanding of life's variances and of people, which helped to make her one of life's true originals - much like her late husband, Jeremy Brett. 

This year I will be piecing together all the insights collected for an additional tribute page on Joan Wilson for this website. I feel it would be something Jeremy would have wanted for the lady he fondly referred to as his best friend, and the best wife a man could ever wish for.

For now, JBINFO will leave you with this lovely story, exclusive to JBINFO...

One Christmas, Joan told her dear friend Nat that she had bought Jeremy an Air Force parka 'the kind with fur in the hood', and she exclaimed with delight how much Jeremy loved it! When in truth, Jeremy had been kind enough to keep his deep dislike of the aforementioned Parka, and had no doubt worn it on many occasions, simply not to disappoint or hurt the feelings of his dear Joanie. But after Joan's death Nat had breakfast at the Plaza Hotel with Jeremy, then playing in "Aren't We All?" at the Brooks Atkinson. "I mentioned the parka and how happy Joan was he liked it. And he said "Oh god, I hated it!" and laughed ... High drama and true love! I want to thank all those that have helped make this possible. 

If anone else wants to help with the page you can reach me via e-mail or via facebook.'



To commemorate Jeremy's contribution to acting and charity, as well as his dream to found a school for unemployed actors, Ms. Pia Trona of Peruja, Italy, has come forward to give his alma mater, Central, the funds to establish a scholarship programme covering fees for up to 5 students for 2011-12 entry, with a further 2 awards for each of 2012-13 and 2013-14.

For more information, please contact:

Sara Abuzaid
Interim Communications & Events Manager
Central School of Speech & Drama
University of London
Eton Avenue
NW 3 3HY
Tel: +44 (0)20 7722 8183

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5th of January 2012 

This site now has it's very own talk forum. There is already a good number of active forum members from the world over, inculding: England, Scotland, Europe, America, Japan, Australia and China. We even have a member from Iran!  

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