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Curses Development Kit (CDK)
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Curses Development Kit
CDK is a C based curses widget library. CDK sits on top of the curses library and provides 21 ready to use widgets for rapid application development of text based interfaces. CDK delivers many of the common widget types required for a robust interface. Widgets can be combined to create complex widgets if needed. CDK significantly reduces the development time of text based application interfaces.

Why Was It Built
CDK was developed over several years of writing text based applications for clients. After building the same widget sets over and over again, a library was created. This library matured and became what CDK is today. Once we had a library that we were proud to show off, we put CDK into the open source world in 1996, years before open source even had a movement. At the time, many clients thought we were giving away years of hard work; they were right. We continue to provide CDK under the same rules as we did when it was first released in 1996.

Perl Extension
Vexus has been involved with Perl for a long while now. When Perl 5 was first released we realized the value of the extensibility of the new Perl. We then built the CDK Perl extension and provided it to the Perl community as soon as it was complete. The extension, as the core library, is free as well.

Download CDK Now
Download CDK Perl Extention Now
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