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Posted on: Fri 08 May 2009


2008/09 - Our Highest Average Home League Attendance For Thirty-Eight Years!

One positive aspect to come out of this past season is that our average home League attendance (for the twenty-three Championship matches at Ninian Park) was 18,449 - and that was our highest average home League attendance-figure for thirty-eight years since the 1970/71 season when it was 21,609. In that season we narrowly missed promotion from the old Second Division (the current Championship) by three points, finishing third behind what were then the only two promotion-positions occupied by Leicester City and Sheffield United.


From that point on, the average steadily decreased over the years to an all-time low in our League history of just 2,856 per home League game in the 1986/87 season when we were in the old Division Four. Just eleven years ago, we averaged 3,574 per League game in 1997/98, and the figures have since then steadily increased……..

1998/99 (Division Three) - 7,131

1999/00 (Division Two) - 6,895

2000/01 (Division Three) - 7,692

2001/02 (Division Two) - 12,522

2002/03 (Division Two) - 13,049

2003/04 (Division One) - 15,569

2004/05 (Division One) - 13,029

2005/06 (Championship) - 11,802

2006/07 (Championship) - 15,224

2007/08 (Championship) - 13,939

2008/09 (Championship) - 18,449

Ninian Park's highest-ever average League attendance for a season was in 1952/53 when we had returned to top level (the old Division One) for the first time since 1929. In that '52/53 season we averaged 37,937 which included three home attendances of over 50,000 - against Middlesbrough on September 3rd 1952 (51,912), against Newcastle United on December 27th 1952 (52,202) and against Arsenal on April 22nd 1953 (57,893). That figure against Arsenal remains the highest-ever club attendance at Ninian Park. In August 1949 we sold 60,855 tickets for the Second Division match against Swansea Town (as they were then known), but the actual attendance on the day was 57,510. Ninian Park's highest-ever recorded attendance was 62,634 for the Home International Championship match between Wales and England on October 17th 1959, though several football-reference publications wrongly state that it was 61,566 for Wales against England in October 1961.

Our highest home attendance for this past season (2008/09) was 20,156 for the match against Swansea City on April 5th, our lowest home League attendance was 15,902 for the game against Barnsley on March 3rd.

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