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Seeking Alpha

While this blog used to be written only by David Jackson, a portfolio manager and former Morgan Stanley research analyst, there are now more than 60 contributors, including analysts, financial advisors and even a venture capitalist. How can it be so many people? Because now Seeking Alpha is a network of blogs, such as the JapanStockBlog, UtilityStockBlog and SoundMoneyTips. Recent posts talked about the possibly irrational negative reaction to Internet company earnings disappointments, highlighted Harley Davidson planning to open a store in China, and three stock picks to hold for life. You can search the site by ticker. Or, better yet, go to www.seekingalpha.com/by/symbol/***, where instead of *s, you put in the ticker for which you want to read blog posts.

BEST: Clearly organized RSS feeds for all of the Seeking Alpha topics, such as gold, telecom, India and ETFs.

WORST: Seeking Alpha appears to be falling victim to annoying comment spam.

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