Packaging & Duplication

In addition to supporting virtually any combination of film or video standard for transfer or duplication, we are also fully equipped to distribute TV and radio spots across North America using the FastChannel and Extreme Reach digital delivery services.  Closed Captioning, Subtitling and DVS are also available.

Cloning, Cross Conversion & Signal Legalization for all HD & SD formats
Up-Conversions, including TeraNex & Evertz Applications
Broadcast Commercial Duplication & Distribution
Telestream Services
FastChannel / Extreme Reach
Blu-ray & DVD-R Duplication / Replication
Colour Thermal Printing / Templates


Tape, Hard drive, VOD files, Web or Telestreams
HD/SD Cloning / Duplication / Signal Legalization
Dolby E Encoding
Closed Captioning – Produce / Encode HD/SD
Described Video – Produce / Restripe HD/SD