About Lileo

Located in Toronto’s historical Distillery District, Lileo has quickly become one of the city’s favorite shopping destinations. Open since February 2004, Lileo has made its mark on Toronto retail by carrying one of the best selections in jeans, lifestyle apparel, footwear, books and accessories. In addition, Lileo has served as an event space for the launch of Penguin Women’s Collection in Canada, Nike’s 2004 Olympic initiative: The Art of Speed and Paul Saltzman’s book and photography: The Beatles in India.

Lileo was founded by Syd Beder and Alexandra Bennett following the massive success of bringing Lululemon to eastern Canada. With the achievement of Lululemon (including winning the 2003 ARC Award for Outstanding Achievement in Retail Concept), Beder and Morgan chose to move on by selling the license back to the parent company and opening their own retail concept with partners Braden Bennett and Arlene Pastor. This venture would embrace positive lifestyle choices for men, women and children by carrying everything from sexy jeans to graphic-designed t-shirts, cross-training running shoes to trendy, glittery slip-ons, over-sized, colorful coffee table books to instructional literature on how to become an action hero.

Lileo evolved as a concept retail store and destination sanctuary. It was named in homage to Renaissance thinker Galileo Galilee. The buyers, including the principal partners and headed by the stylistic vision of Pastor, curate every item in the store. The chosen products are all about discovery and challenging the norm. Fittingly, the store is a galaxy of exploration unto itself.

3rd Uncle in Toronto designed Lileo as part emporium, part gallery and part event space. Housed in a raw space of windows, wooden beams and brick, the skin of the room provided the perfect landscape for architect John Tong from 3rd Uncle to explore the notion of discovery with design, light and fashion. Key to this is the interactive light fountain that greets customers upon entry. The collaboration between 3rd Uncle and Gorbet Design recently won the National Post and Design Exchange Merit Award in 2005 for New Media for their design at Lileo. The light fountain is an incredible piece of structural ingenuity and design refinement that enables happy shoppers to ponder its circular spirals of light that retract and recede, while their companions busily try clothing in the dressing rooms. The design of the concept and store structure establishes a new brand by holistically integrating interior design with an interactive approach to technology (monitors are displayed throughout the store to further brand awareness and aesthetic imagery) and a dynamic approach to the retail horizon in Toronto. The architectural vision of Lileo reinforces the exploratory themes of the brand, using light and elemental materials such as wood and metal by artist Zac Ridgely in the most innovative ways so that the retail environment is the embodiment of the brand itself. Visitors can return to the space for a new experience, drawn to the qualities of the environment including excellent customer service, as well as the exquisitely merchandised and carefully chosen products, many of which are exclusive and/or limited editions created for Lileo.

Integral to the concept of the store and housed within the space is Livia juice-bar which provides delicious and nutritious lunch staples from paninis to salads made from the freshest ingredients. Livia also features tasty soups and healthy alternative beverages like elixir tonics and E3 Live, the latest health supplement sweeping California. Named in honor of Galileo’s daughter, Livia provides fresh menu options and supplements to help shoppers recharge their energy before continuing to shop or heading out to explore the galleries.

Toronto.com’s ‘Best of Toronto 2004’ gave Lileo an editorial nomination for ‘best fashion boutique’ as a mecca for the contemporary lifestyle shopping experience. Lileo has been featured extensively in the national press including The Globe and Mail, Jeanne Beker’s FQ, Fashion, the Toronto Star and the National Post. Lileo has also had international mention in guide books like Frommer’s and features on national television shows like Shop Toronto and Fashion Television.

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