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Fall 1978

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"Untitled" - 35 Pages

Writer -
Artist - Various
Inker - Various
Cover -
Lettering - Various
Colorist - Various
Editor -
David Kraft
Editor In Chief -
Jim Salicrup

"Friends Of Ol' Marvel" Subscription Only Quarterly Magazine. Entire series included here for completeness and to "record" this difficult to find series.

Special "Mighty Marvel Media" Issue contents:

Editorial - "Farewell To FOOM!"
"Mighty Marvel Mini-Items"
"All About The Artist: George (Pacesetter) Perez"
"Another FOOMtastic Preview Feature!" - Might Marvel Comics Calendar 1979
"All About The Artist: Terrific Tom Palmer"
"The FOOM Interview: Marvel's Man In Japan: Gene Pelc"
"Exclusive FOOM Feature! Oriental Marvel Art!"
"All About The Artist: Kinky Klaus Janson"
"Make The Way For The...Micronauts!"
"Exclusive FOOM Feature! Herbie The Robot Blueprints!"
"Stan Lee Presents: The Fantastic Four Cartoon Show"
"The Re-Making Of Ms. Marvel"
"Department Of Infoomation"  - Look at upcoming Comics & Magazines (this issue includes ASM, MTU, and Spectacular)
Pin-Up - John Carter Warlord Of Mars by Ernie Chan
"Final FOOM Flashes!"

Back Cover with new Fantastic Four Art by Unknown

Quality Rating: 4
Significance Rating: 4

Overall Rating:



FOOM #21

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