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Newt Gingrich Announces Support of Conservative Kansas State Legislators

Newt Gingrich today announced the support of his initial team of 12 current and former conservative State Legislators in Kansas.

“I’m quite proud to have the support of this team of conservative legislators from the Sunflower State,” said Newt Gingrich. “This shows widespread support for my platform of bold solutions found in the 21st Century Contract With America.”

Announcing her support, former State Senator and former State Rep. Peggy Palmer said, “Newt Gingrich is a bold leader with a long history of enacting conservative solutions.  At a time of enormous challenges, our country needs a President who will, from day one, work to return America into a nation that reduces the power of the federal government and increases the power of citizens."

Kansas Conservative State Legislators Supporting Newt Gingrich

State Senator and former House Majority Leader Ray Merrick
State Senator and former State Representative Rob Olson
Former State Senator/State Representative Peggy Palmer
State Representative Anthony Brown
State Representative Marico Goico
State Representative Trent LeDoux
State Representative Larry Powell
State Representative John Rubin
State Representative Scott Schwab
Former State Representative Bonnie Huy
Former State Representative Patricia Lightner
Former State Representative Judy Morrison

A large Kansas grassroots team already well under way will be announced soon.  The Kansas Caucus is March 10 and will elect 40 delegates to the Republican National Convention.

More information on the Kansas effort can be found on Facebook at