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IT8705F is a LPC Interface based highly integrated Super I/O. IT8705F provides the most commonly used legacy Super I/O functionality plus the latest Environment Control initiatives, such as Hardware Monitor, Fan Speed Controller and ITE’s “SmartGuardian” function. The device’s LPC interface complies with Intel “LPC Interface Specification Rev. 1.0” (Sept. 29, 1997). IT8705F meets the “Microsoft PC98/99/2001 System Design Guide” requirements and is ACPI compliant.
IT8705F features the enhanced hardware monitor providing 3 thermal inputs from remote thermistors, thermal diode or diode-connected transistor (2N3904).

Low Pin Count Interface
PC98/99/2001 & ACPI Compliant
Enhanced Hardware Monitor
Fan Speed Controller
Game Ports
Two 16C550 UARTs
Dedicated MIDI Interface
Consumer Remote Control (TV Remote) IR with Power-up Feature
IEEE1284 Parallel Port
Floppy Disk Controller
Keyboard Controller
Smart Card Reader
48 General Purpose I/O Pins
Flash ROM Interface
Smart Guardian Controller
Single 24/48 MHz Clock Inputs
Single +5v Power Supply
128-pin QFP

Part NoPackage TypeDescriptionRemark
IT8705F128Pin QFP 20x14x2.85 mmLPC I/O +H/W Monitor +Flash ROM I/F +CIR +Smart Card Read I/FAvailability: Now

File Name Update Ver. System Download
Datasheet / IT8705_G_V.0.4.1_Web_010605 2009/04/21 V.0.4.1 - Download
3 Mode FDD / 3mode_Win95&98_09001601 2001/01/16 V 1.3 Win95&Win98 Download
3 Mode FDD / 3mode_WinNT 2001/09/28 V 1.3 WinNT Download
3 Mode FDD / 3mode_Win2K_090122-02 2001/09/28 V 1.2 Win2000 Download
3 Mode FDD / 3mode_WinMe_09001501 2001/01/16 V 1.3 Windows Me Download
3 Mode FDD / Intel_Centrino2_with_vPro V0.1 - Download
Smart Guardian / SGuardian_it8705_8900133-150 2000/04/13 V1.5 Win95, Win98, WinNT&Win2000 Download
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