Policy Based Encryption.cloud

Policy Based Encryption.cloud
  • Automatic email encryption based on policies
  • Fully hosted, easy-to-use service
  • Flexible message delivery options
  • Easy for recipients to receive and reply securely

Policy Based Encryption.cloud

Symantec MessageLabs Policy Based Encryption.cloud service helps you to automatically safeguard the security and privacy of sensitive data you exchange with customers and business partners via email. Policy Based Encryption.cloud lets you create and enforce flexible rules in accordance with your company policies.

With this hosted service you no longer have to deal with the hassles of managing keys or digital certificates. For end users, encryption is applied transparently and email can be delivered decrypted directly to their inbox.

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Our policy based email encryption service gives your business the ability to secure all personal and sensitive data being sent or received via email.

Policy Based Encryption.cloud- Features

  • Automatic encryption of sensitive emails
  • Wide range of email delivery mechanisms
  • Secure reply and compose capabilities
  • Read receipts automatically forwarded to email senders
  • Compatibility with various platforms, including BlackBerry and Windows Mobile
  • Fully hosted service, including management of digital certificates and encryption keys
  • Quick and simple to set up, configure, and use

Policy Based Encryption.cloud- Benefits

  • Applies your company’s encryption policies automatically and securely; facilitates your regulatory compliance measures
  • Provides easy access to encrypted emails
  • Allows secure, two-way emailing for all recipients
  • Provides confidence that messages are successfully “picked up” by recipient
  • Secure messages can be read regardless of what technology is being used by the recipient. And, there is no need for the recipients to have encryption capabilities.
  • Reduces IT Management and costs with no need for software, appliances or upgrades
  • TLS-enabled companies can get up and started within days. Minimizes burden on administrators and users.

Policy Based Encryption.cloud works with our Email Content Control to scan emails and attachments and automatically encrypt messages.

  • You create encryption policies specific to your company’s policies
  • Outbound emails travel between your email server and our infrastructure via a secure TLS-encrypted tunnel
  • Messages are scanned against your policy, automatically encrypting those that trigger security settings
  • The recipient views their encrypted message either from their inbox or through a secure web portal
  • Recipients can reply through a secure portal
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