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Favorites Only Entries Monday, March 22, 2004

Good Monday,

I am a nerd. Or at least a closet nerd, I think. The evidence:

I have several t-shirts, but my current favorite is a black one with the Death Star logo on the front, that says "Ruling with Supreme Authority" on the back. In fact, I wore it yesterday.

I still have my original Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual, and Player's Handbook, version 1.0 published by TSR Games. Which may explain why I've always been comfortable with the moniker "DM".

I read The Silmarillion. Twice.

While I was cooking the other night, Star Trek was on the telly - a TNG rerun, the one where they found Scotty in suspended animation and revived him. When he went to the holodeck and visited the reproduction of the original Enterprise bridge, and realized that it wasn't the same without the rest of the crew, I (almost) got misty.

I know the difference between XOR and OR.

I can navigate a standard Mannheim slide rule, and quite possibly solve math problems with it.


I owned a Rubik's cube, but I never solved it.

I'm releasing an upgrade today that many people have asked for over the last few months (and which I am glad to have finally finished to programming on). This is the "Favorites Only" entry - meaning that you now have a third option for privacy on your entries.

Whereas before there was only private or not-private (public) entries, now there is another choice - Favorites Only. A Favorites Only entry will only appear in your diary to people who are on your Favorites list (and to you).

When you go to write an entry, you will notice that the Private Entry checkbox has been replaced with a dropdown list. This lists three selections: Public, Favorites Only, and Private. Just select the privacy option you want for the entry you are posting.

Favorites Only entries will appear in the table of contents for your diary with an "(f)" next to them, like the "(p)" next to private entries. As I said, people on your Favorites list will be able to see them, and you will too - but to anybody else they will be invisible (like a private entry is). They won't appear on the table of contents, or on the previous and next links in your entries, or in your notes page, unless the reader is one of your Favorites.

Favorites Only entries also will not appear on the front page or in Recent Entries, and (like private entries) can not be nominated for Reader's Choice.

You can also change the privacy setting in the Entry Manager - there you will find a dropdown list like the one on the entry editing screen, instead of the checkbox that used to be there. Through the Entry Manager, you can set blocks of entries to different privacy levels.

I think that covers it - for all the work that went into it, it doesn't sound like much. Enjoy!

Answers to later questions:

  1. If you remove somebody from your Favorites, they will no longer see any FO entries, regardless of when they were posted. Conversely, if you add somebody to your Favorites, they will be able to see all FO entries, including past ones.

  2. Someone with a Reader's Password is not considered a Favorite - that's a whole nother ball of wax (what a weird expression).

  3. This feature is available to all members - it is not a Plus only feature.

  4. Readers will know that it is a Favorites Only entry, because it will say so at the top of the entry - just like how a private entry says it.

The DiaryMaster

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