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Allowing People (or not) to Read Faves Only Friday, May 28, 2004

Happy Friday everybody,

Brain's stuffed with ASP code and JavaScript at the moment, so not much to say. In the past, I've always known when I've spent too much time programming when I start to think and dream in code. As in, I confront a decision, and in my mind I start to see IF...END IF loops and CASE statements. This can be disconcerting.

Speaking of dreams, I had a weird one the other night. I dreamed that I was babysitting for two couples who were all Open Diary members (don't know how I got the job - maybe my subconcious is looking for a new career). Anyway, the four parents went out for dinner and left me with four toddler girls, all about two or three years old. The girls were playing in a downstairs room, and I sat down at a computer to do some work. I tuned out the noise from downstairs and was coding away when suddenly the parents came home. In an instant, I realized that I was supposed to have put the children to bed but had forgotten about them. The parents went downstairs to check on the children and found them in the various positions and locations where they had fallen asleep - on the floor, on a couch, one toddler was even curled up in a laundry basket. I was mortified, but the parents were thrilled - they said the girls never went to sleep for a babysitter before. After that, we sat down and talked about OD - which was entertaining in my dream, because the only way I ever really talk to OD members is through a keyboard and screen.

I've added something today that we talked about a little while back - if you keep Favorites Only entries, you can now select which people on your Favorites list will be allowed to read them.

On your Favorites list, you will now see a checkbox with the linguistically un-brilliant title, "Allow to Read Faves Only?". The default for this checkbox is On (or checked), which will allow that person to read your favorites only entries. However, unchecking the box will block that person from reading your favorites only entries. Meaning, if you uncheck somebody on your list, they will see your diary just like somebody who is not on your favorites list sees it.

As you add new favorites to your list, they will default to being allowed to read your favorites only entries. If you want to block somebody from the entries, you will have to go to your list and change them.

On another Favorites Only related item, I am trying to work out a method in which a reader can contact a member who has their diary set to Favorites Only. The problem now is if I try to visit a Favorites Only diary and can't, there's no way for me to ask that person if they will let me into their virtual home. I'm thinking some way to send that person a note through the system, since we don't all want to give out e-mail addresses. However, I think some people may not want to be getting unexpected notes like this from people outside their favorites list. Anyway, if anybody has any good ideas, let me know what you think.

The DiaryMaster

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