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New Diary Layout Online Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hello everybody,

I'm glad to announce that the new diary layout we've been talking about for so long is now online.  You may notice that it is now the default layout for my diary.

As of now, the default for everybody already in the system is the "classic" look - if you want to change to the new look, you have to go throw the switch yourself (more on that later).  However, for all new diaries, the default layout will be the new one - so you will at least be seeing it on the diaries of new members.

If you want to switch to the new layout, it's easy.  There's a new selection on the Diary Maintenance screen (on the My Diary menu).  This selection is "Diary Layout", and it appears in the upper right of the screen.  This option is available to all OD users, free and Plus.

When you click on Diary Layout, you will have a selection screen where the first choice is to select your diary format.  At this time, you can choose between "OD Classic" and "OD Layout 2.0" (it was called "Whatchamacallit" while in testing, but I haven't come up with any better name).  Selecting "Layout 2.0" will switch your diary to the new layout.  And yes, you can switch back and forth as much as you like - you can always go back to the Classic layout if you want.

For now, the new layout will apply to your diary entries and your diary front page (diary description) only.  I will be changing over other screens (like notes and favorites screens) as I can.

Notice that there are other selections on the Diary Layout screen - these allow you to select whether you will display a profile picture, your interests, and your favorites on your diary.  Please note that these options only work if you are using the new layout - profile pictures, interests, and favorites will not appear in the "Classic" layout.

Below these selections is the input to use for uploading your profile pic (if you use one).  Your profile pic can be any picture, with the following restrictions:

  1. Your picture MUST FOLLOW OUR RULES - meaning, I will allow pictures of a PG-13 nature or better.  That means NO nudity or pornography.  Pictures will be monitored for content just as our diaries are, and violating the Rules may subject your diary to deletion.
  2. Your picture must be in .gif or .jpg format (I am investigating adding .png in the near future).
  3. Your picture can not have a file size larger than 30k.
  4. Your picture should be no wider than 130 pixels - anything wider will mess up your diary appearance.  Height can be anything, but I think 130 pixels or less is best.

To upload a picture, just click the "Browse" button.  You will see your standard file selection window, and can then choose a picture file off of your computer.   After you have selected your file, click the "Upload" button to transfer the file to our servers.

You are only allowed one profile picture at a time - please note that if you upload another picture, it will replace the first.  There is no way to store more than one profile picture at this time (although I will be considering that for the future).

Have fun, and let me know what you think.

The DiaryMaster

P.S. Several free OD users reported a problem logging in last night and this morning, due to an ad failing to load following the login ( is where it was from).  The ad has been removed for now, so you should have no more trouble.  But remember, if you want to avoid ads altogether, it's easy and cheap to become a member of OD Plus.


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