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Barack Obama addresses the audience at the White House, Washington, DC 21 February 2012. Obama seeks US corporate tax cut

US President Barack Obama is to propose a cut in corporate tax and an end to tax loopholes, as part of his election-year strategy on the economy.

African union peace keeping force and Somali government forces are pictured in Afgoye Rd on the Mogadishu outskirts, Somalia on February 14, 2012. Somalia militants lose key town

Ethiopian and Somali troops capture Baidoa, a strategic stronghold of al-Shabab Islamist militants in south-western Somalia.


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Adele at the Brit Awards Adele cut short at Brits triumph

Adele wins two prizes at the Brit Awards ceremony in London, but is at the centre of controversy after an acceptance speech is cut short.

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Heart attack Heart symptoms 'differ in women'

Fewer women than men suffering from a heart attack appear to experience chest pain symptoms, according to a study in the US.


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Mobile phone - Pic: AP Photo/Julie Jacobson Million homes 'need TV filters'

Filters will need to be installed in almost a million UK homes to combat TV interference likely to occur from new 4G mobile services.

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Debris washed out to sea Path of tsunami debris mapped out

A year on, modellers continue to provide daily forecasts of the likely spread of floating debris washed out into the Pacific by the Japanese Tohoku megatsunami.


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Al menos 49 muertos en choque de tren en Buenos Aires

La policía actualizo la cifra de víctimas mortales producto del choque de un tren de pasajeros contra las defensas de una céntrica estación de la capital argentina. Todavía hay personas atrapadas en los vagones. Es el peor desastre ferroviario en la hstor





مقتل اثنين من الصحفيين الغربيين في سوريا وساركوزي يجدد دعوته لتنحي الأسد

صحفيان غربيان قتلا في قصف تقول التقارير إن القوات النظامية السورية تشنه على حمص. والرئيس الفرنسي يجدد دعوته لرحيل النظام السوري بينما يطالب المجلس الوطني السوري المعارض بمناطق آمنة داخل سوريا، ويحذر من الحرب الأهلية.


میرحسین موسوی: بر سر مواضع پیشین خود ایستاده‌ایم

میرحسین موسوی، از رهبران مخالف دولت ایران، در آخرین تماس تلفنی خود با فرزندانش اعلام کرد: "هیچ چیز عوض نشده است. دخترانم شما بدانید که ما بر سر مواضع پیشین خود همچنان ایستاده‌ایم."


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Mexican cinema montage Poised for success

With two Mexicans nominated at the 2012 Oscars, Mexico Direct looks at the boom in the country’s film industry and hopes for further success.

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