Why Naturopathy?

Patients are demanding to be seen as whole persons, not just a list of symptoms.

They want time from their physicians, they want control over their own health, and they want preventive therapies, not quick fixes.

Modern medicine calls for doctors ...

... Who know their science yet honor the body’s innate wisdom to heal.

... Who function as teachers as well as healers.

... Who acknowledge the value of time-honored traditional therapies.

... Who recognize that, when given the chance, nature is the greatest healer of all.

This is naturopathic medicine.

This is the health care for a changing world.

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Selecting an ND School

When you’re choosing a naturopathic medical college, you should realize that physicians carry an enormous responsibility, and must be trained accordingly. Physicians diagnose and treat diseases; any mistakes that they make can have major repercussions for their patients. A physician’s education and training must adequately qualify them for this role.

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Entrance into an accredited naturopathic medical program requires a bachelor’s degree. Naturopathic medical students study the same core medical sciences as MD students. Their education consists of four years of very rigorous professional-level coursework. They spend hours in science and clinical laboratories learning to recognize and understand the root causes of illness and the tools and treatments available to help future patients to attain and maintain health. Most importantly, they spend many hours working directly with patients under the supervision of a licensed naturopathic physician.

AANMC believes that becoming a naturopathic physician is not something that can adequately be accomplished through an online or correspondence course. It is a major undertaking requiring years of academic preparation and hands-on clinical experience.

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