Okay, for those of you who don't know me, I'm known only as Monocromatico (Monochromatic, if you prefer), a lonely half-manga artist, who is having his first chance to show his art ("half" because it's not a reeeal manga art. You will see...). I'm new here, I don't speak english very well, and HTML programming isn't my best skill, so I'll not bother you with unnecessary blablabla.

Last update: 9/25/2001 - Ok, here are the news:this site is listed in the Phantasy Star Ring... wheeee :^) And also, if you haven't noticed it yet, I've added different musical themes for each page. Hope you like it :^) (If you are using Netscape, I'm afraid you won't be able to listen... sorry, I can't figure out yet how to make both Explorer and Netscape to play music - if I write the HTML tag for sound in Netscape, the sound in Explorer sounds weird (it plays the music twice)... any help is welcome)

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The pics are all here. No, no story, just pics:

Phantasy Star original art: pictures I've drawn from my favorite videogames series Phantasy Star, from Sega Master System and Genesis/Mega Drive (respecting the copyright stuff).

The Legend of Sitaria: Long ago in a distant kingdon, young warriors became legends.

Aynal - The Great Challenge: A story about power, revenge, and self-discovering, when the will is the only limit.

The Heirs of Sitaria: The legacy of the legendary heros became legegends themselves

The Assassin: In the city of Serena, a mysterious killer hunts down the criminals at night. Is she a hero?

The Immortals: They walk among us. We may know them. But the secret is still kept, and the truth is about to be revealed

Other stuff: It's, uh..., other stuff. It can be anything. Just visit and see.

Links to some good sites: Check it out, I've got some great talented friends around the net. Click to see their sites.

Oh, before you start, I want to tell you that all these pics were made by me, and they shouldn't be used or reproduced in any ways outside of my page without my autorization.

Oh, and I nearly forgot my e-mail address, if you'd like to contact me: Mono's e-mail address :^)

By the way, I'm offering an e-mail service provided by zzn. It will give you an address like this: yourname@monocromatico.zzn.com. If you are a monochromatic guy/girl like me, you should have this one. Give it a try, it's free after all :^)

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If you liked the ortography of this site, thank Duma. If you didn't, blame her :^) I thank Duma for the English presented here.

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