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An interview w/ Richard Andrew Grove, an AIG insider 1 of 4


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Uploaded by on Sep 19, 2008

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Jack Blood of interviews Richard Andrew Grove, an AIG insider and whistleblower. This is an insider expose of the AIG / Kroll spook company, their ties to 9/11 and their new financial 9/11.

This is taken from the second hour of the Deadline Live show with Jack Blood from 9/18/2008.

Also check out these sites:

Summary of points made:
History of AIG
China 1919 origins (which follow up through the Bush family in the 70s and Greenberg and Bush in 1992, where Hank accompanied George Sr.)
Partnership with Wild Bill Donovan and Frank Wisner OSS/CIA
Drug Smuggling (Peter Dale Scott)
Fraud (AIG/Marsh insurance fraud and Spitzer investigation)

Hank Greenberg ousted from AIG
Frank G. Wisner Jr. (son of CIA cofounder) on both AIG and Kroll boards of directors.

9/11 (taking the history and applying it to AIG involvement with Kroll, Wisner Jr., CFR/Fed Reserve)

Pete Peterson (Blackstone/CFR/Fed Res) also involved in financing of wtc.

Robt. David Steels comments on WTC disaster (hes ex-CIA but affirms 9-11 was done as insurance fraud)

Crash of AIG and bailout by Fed Reserve, Greenberg steering to re-take control, using Fed Res as a proxy.

Other subjects covered
Nature of insurance (protection money)
Elliot Spitzers connection to AIG via Michael Cherkasky, President and CEO of Kroll Inc
Robert M. Morgenthau of the French Connection
Skadden Arps
Iran Contra
Paul Bremer

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Uploader Comments (totalinsidejob)

  • Tom Foti? Whats up man! Keep up the good work with the taped confrontations.

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  • ken leah of enron ran his mouth saying "everyone else is doing it." which got him one of those gov. issued heart attacks.

  • yeah , what a nut ...

    its obviously a spoilt arab called osama and his genie in the bottle that got norad to stand down ..and get fires to bring down 3 steel buildings with 2 hijacked planes...

    ..We should all be good sheeple and stick to the official storyline..

    Vote jeffmay1 for president

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  • @totalinsidejob

    Phoenician Ent Films cranked out 20 terror disaster muslim hijacking terror plane crash false flag nukes stargate portal themed films 1999-2001 pre 9/11 they bankrupted and stole $240M from investors !

    Money trail is interesting, Pheonician was another GOLDMAN SACHS FRONT seeding them big bucks. Aaron Russo and Charlie Sheen direct connection

  • @totalinsidejob

    BeforeItsNews website

    Illuminati Bankster Blankfein Linked To CIA Founder Wild Bill Donovan.

  • they did get away with it

  • @TomFoti 911 Old News what is next.

  • @mountain19  Heart Attack government style. Many have got this gift.

  • who killed john o neil?ha ha ... how many people did they send into those towers that day? sick fuckers got rid of a lot of thorns in the side that day. just send them to the top floor.

  • explain the "holes" in his story.

  • Just when you think you've heard it all...another skeleton falls out of the closet. It's a rat-race...and the rats are winning. The nuts are running the nut-house. Beam me up.

  • Sergeant Lauro "LJ" Chavez high ranking Norad employee said Norad was ordered to stand down.


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