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25 Feb 2012
Journalist fined €25,000 for calling Merkel a 'slut'
by Damian Mac Con Uladh 22 Feb 2012
Yiorgos Trangas
Yiorgos Trangas
A radio journalist who referred to the German chancellor as a "dirty Berlin slut" (ξεκωλιάρα του Βερολίνου) during a live broadcast has resulted in the radio station he works for being fined 25,000 euros.
The National Council of Radio and Television (ESR) fined Real FM for comments made by Yiorgos Trangas about Angela Markel on two occasions in September and October of last year.
The council said Trangas had abused the Greek language and made obscene characterisations about the German chancellor.
The ESR issued the fine after it received a number of complaints from listeners to Trangas' show.
On Wednesday morning, a tearful Trangas appeared on the Proino Antenna morning show on Antenna TV, expressing his regret that a fine had been issued.
Real FM has the right to appeal the decision.
"At 63, I'm being told that I'm a typical Balkan southerner, who is lazy and a schemer. Really! I've been working since I was 16! I've worked night and day for a half a century. So why are we told we're lazy and crooks?"
He added: "The Greek are the Jews of 2012. I respect the Jews for the genocide they underwent in the Second World War. But in any case, I feel distanced from the Aryan race."
The decision to fine Trangas was condemned by the Yiorgos Karatzaferis, leader of the rightwing Popular Orthodox Rally (Laos).
"Before we can show some sympathy for Ms Merkel, we should first call to account those German colleagues who showed Greece being 'raped' by a Turk and who on a cover of Focus magazine showed Aphrodite making an obscene gesture in an image that has become known all around the world."
Ten German journalists - mostly employees of Focus - have been charged with defamation and insulting a national symbol in a case that is ongoing before an Athens court.

Note: This article was amended on February 23. Some readers had contacted us to say that our translation of ξεκωλιάρα as "tart" was too mild and did not convey the harshness of the Greek original. A literal rendering would be "girl with an open a**hole", but according to one definition on the website, the term is used metaphorically to describe someone who has no shame. Thus, "dirty slut" reflects more accurately the meaning of the word used by Trangas.
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Trangas is just a mediocre journalist insulting other people. Instead of admitting having made a mistake he points at others - he has learned nothing and should retire.
Comparing the Greeks with the Jews is another insult. What a whimsy case of self pitty! The Jews were slaughtered for no reason - Greek has just been asked to pay back some loans and needs to find a way to do so.

That's a misleading title, when in fact it is the broadcaster who has been fined.

The expression he used is almost complimentary when compared to the description of her given by our good friend the ex president of Italy which bordered on the obscene.
Actually it was obscene.
I haven't heard of Signor B being slapped with a fine for his outburst.

The greeks don't have any civilization anymore. When they are ask to pay back their loans, they just are shouting to everybody.
To compare themselves to the Jews in WII is disqusting.
You should even thank the turkey people,who helped you after WIi. Also that you never did!
The situation nowadays in your country is due to yourself and nothing else!

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