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 2007.06.12 - Get a cut
Former 764-Hero drummer Polly Johnson has accepted a position as a hair stylist at the Kristovich Loft. Appointments can be made by calling 206-284-2569. If you find yourself in need of a cut or color give her a call!
 2007.04.12 - Brent Arnold - new album - Cinema Deep Crush
Brent Arnold's music is good for enhancement of dreams while one sleeps, underscoring a film or other media creation, listening to with friends or alone, bumping in one's jeep or other vehicle, or to set the mood at your party or wake. His new record, Cinema Deep Crush, is certainly capable of complementing any of these moments in life and many more. For more information on this new triumph, visit the Brent Arnold page, and visit the store to buy it and other Brent Arnold favorites now!
 2006.11.07 - The latest release - Polar Goldie Cats
Up Records has a new release, as Polar Goldie Cats have returned from a minor catnap to provide the goods once more! To buy it now online, go to our store here. For more information, see the New Release column to the right. --->
 2006.10.10 - Built To Spill/Helvetia tour on NPR
NPR is broadcasting the Built to Spill concert tonight (Tues 10/10/06) from DC, and you can hear the show online. Here's the link
 2006.08.22 - Built To Spill/Helvetia tour 2006
Watch for the Helvetia and Built to Spill tour happening throughout September and October, it starts in Minnesota and goes east, ending up in Texas. The days and places are listed on the tour page.
 2006.08.04 - Everybody loves Love
RIP, Arthur Lee..
you are revered, and missed.
 2006.07.31 - Mark Pickerel extensive late summer tour around West/Southwest
Mark Pickerel and his Praying Hands are about to go on a tour of the South, West, and Southwest throughout August. There will be shows in Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Visit the tour page for the dates and locations, as well as markpickerel.com!
 2006.07.28 - August 11 2006, Mike Johnson (acoustic) in Seattle
Mike Johnson will be playing a show in Seattle on 11 August, 2006. It will be at the Tractor Tavern in the Ballard area of town. The show should mark a return to the more low-key acoustic sets played by Mike, as witnessed the past few years until very recently. Visit tractortavern.com for further information, as well as Mike's page on myspace.com!
Brett Netson (of Caustic Resin/Built to Spill fame) has been playing new songs with Erin Jorgensen for a while now, and have recently been opening for BTS on their most recent tour, under the name Reversion.
 This is a great video that represents what they are doing together very well - capturing the subtlety and beauty of both Brett's guitar and singing along with Erin's incredible marimba improvisation. Joining them on 2nd guitar is Jim Roth, also of BTS.
 We overheard many people when we saw Reversion perform mention that they wished they could listen to the music again, at home - and now, thanks to wonderkind Kelly, this is a reality!
 Do yourselves a favor and check this video out, proof that there can still be incredible moments in this insane world we live in.
2006.07.26 - Reversion
 2006.07.21 - Wednesday July 26th - HELVETIA and MIKE JOHNSON play in Seattle
At 9 pm on 26 July, Mike Johnson will be playing at The War Room in Seattle. Playing an opening set will be Helvetia, the combination ensuring that this show will be long-remembered for its greatness. The War Room is located at 722 E. Pike Street in Seattle, up on Capitol Hill. You cannot miss this one!! (It will be bad for you)
 2006.06.16 - Tomorrow 17th June - Helvetia/Polar Goldie Cats show!
Helvetia and Polar Goldie Cats will be playing a show together in Seattle tomorrow night, on June 17th! The show will be at the Comet Tavern. It is $6 and at 9 pm. Since it is a tavern, all rockers must be aged 21 or over. The Comet is at 10th and Pike. Don't dare miss it!
 2006.06.07 - June 13th-15th: Helvetia/Netson/BTS
On June 13-14-15, The Showbox in Seattle will be hosting three nights of concerts featuring Helvetia, Brett Netson, and Built To Spill. Visit showboxonline.com for information, and look for more dates from Built To Spill w/ Brett Netson all across the country on the tour page.
 2006.05.16 - May 25th - Mike Johnson on 90.3 KEXP radio
Mike Johnson will be performing a studio session live on KEXP 90.3 FM on Thursday, May 25th, at noon! Don't miss it! If you aren't in range, tune into them online through kexp.org!
 2006.04.25 - Mike Johnson's new album -- Gone Out Of Your Mind
You might have noticed that the world has lost its mind, that things are falling apart, that the center will not hold (apologies to Mr. Achebe) and we here at Up Records have noticed the same. In particular, Mike Johnson has been watching the impending train wreck and now has a new album out that is in large part about the disintegration, the loss of sanity and the seeming bottomless pit of corruption that is threatening to swallow us all whole. With his latest release, Gone Out Of Your Mind, you might find some solace in knowing that you are not alone in witness to the insanity. To share counsel and even mordant wit with MJ, pick up the record -- out now at all finer record stores, and available here, online, for a mere $10! Buy it! And get your Mike Johnson & The Evildoers propaganda poster as well - to really stick it to the union busters!
 2006.04.11 - HELVETIA DEBUT ALBUM! Helvetia plays with Band of Horses this Friday!!
Announcing the latest from the Up house of miracles, the debut album by Helvetia, entitled -- The Clever North Wind! Featuring two core members from beloved space rockers Duster, a masterful collection of melancholy and modern psychedelia. Helvetia and Band of Horses will be at Neumos in Seattle this week too, Friday (14 Apr). It will be a Band of Horses CD release show, and also a great place to pick up the Helvetia album, just released itself. OR -- it may well be the wait is too suspenseful, and in such a case you can find the album available for purchase NOW, in the online store! Only $10! Don't forget to pick up a Clever North Wind poster as well, and cover your walls with pride!
 2006.04.10 - Quasi and Can't See on Saturday!
The Can't See will be opening for Quasi in Seattle this Saturday, 15 April. The show is at Neumos. Quasi's new record is really good, and both bands are great live. Don't miss it!
 2006.02.17 - Coma No More
The Can't See have released their first album "Coma Comma No More" as an LP limited to 300 copies. You can get it at their shows for $10, and though it is on vinyl there is a CD version included with it. Genius! Here is a link to an audio archive of their KEXP performance. And in more news they are playing another show at The Crocodile in Seattle on March 7th 2006. Every show of theirs I've seen has been better and better, including the recent one on Feb. 6th. You should go check it out!
 2006.01.06 - Welcome (Back)
Finally back from the holiday deal. Is the war on Christmas over? Who won?

Hope you were able to catch Quasi play with Sleater-Kinney and Stephen Malkmus in Seattle on the 29th. Also in Seattle, hopefully you didn't miss the inclusion of Sick Bees ("God Will Stop Yer Party" as track 3) on Seattle Weekly's 2005 local music mixtape article thing, "Seattle Ultimate Hits". (oh, here it is.)

Meanwhile, John Atkins' band -- The Can't See -- played in session on KEXP and then held their record release concert at the Rendezvous on the 3rd. They'll be in Portland on the 9th and from there will go on a short West Coast tour with Helio Sequence down the coast, with a bunch of California shows. Check out the tour page or the Can't See site for the dates and places. You also might be able to find some kind of clip of the KEXP session on their site (kexp.org).

Happy New Year and stuff. Watch for releases from Helvetia (featuring members of Duster) and Mike Johnson, both due for release before summer.

 2005.12.07 - Rock, also Roll
Tomorrow night the awesome new band from John Atkins (The Can't See) will be playing at Lo-Fi Performance Gallery in Seattle (429B Eastlake ave e). Also playing are Johanna Kunin, and Tiny Vipers. The Can't See are on the verge of releasing their first album and have a website going as well, which has songs on it for you to hear. www.thecantsee.com is the place. Don't miss the show, their live show is unrivaled. 200% awesome.
 2005.12.05 - New Caustic Resin video
Caustic Resin have a new video up on the front page of their website. Worth checking out. www.causticresin.com
 2005.12.02 - Dina Martina's Holiday Show
Dina Martina is currently performing the annual holiday show at the Re-Bar in Seattle! The show continues from Nov 25th through December 31st. Dina shows are routinely selling out on both coasts! See for yourself why!
 2005.12.01 - Be Here to Love Me
Mike Johnson and Mark Pickerel are both performing for the Townes Van Zandt tribute night in honor of the film about Townes, Be Here to Love Me, which is going to be playing at the Northwest Film Forum in Seattle Dec 2-14. The tribute concert will be Dec 1st (tonight) at the Tractor Tavern, also in Seattle. The movie is great and these folks playing music will be as well. Be sure not to miss it.
 2005.10.25 - Can't See
John Atkins was in 764-Hero. The Can't See, John Atkins' most current musical group, is playing at the High Dive which is in the neighborhood of Fremont in Seattle. The show is on October 28th (this Friday). Love as Laughter will be headlining this show! You can check out the club's website at www.highdiveseattle.com.
 2005.10.21 - Mark Pickerel
Mark Pickerel (of the Dark Fantastic) will be playing music at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle on November 23, which is a Wednesday. He will be opening for Ian Moore. It would be a good idea to go see him!
 2005.10.18 - Dina Martina watch
Everyone's favorite, the peerless Dina Martina, will be in New York for a two-night-only Holiday show at the Cutting Room (19 West 24th Street), Mon. & Tue. December 5th & 6th. See you there!
 2005.08.24 - The Can't See
The Can't See are playing again on Thursday (8/25/05) in Seattle. This time the show is at The War Room, a newer place on Capitol Hill which is on Pike street, a block from Broadway. There are a couple other bands. The show starts at 10 I think.
 2005.08.12 - fcsN
Show tonight! Friday 8/12 - FCS North (featuring members of Satisfact) is playing a rare all ages show over at the Vera Project this evening. Also on the bill - Stereo Future, partman parthorse and Deceptikon. All different sounds, we recommend showing up at 7:30pm and hanging out for the whole night. If you want to drop in for a bit... we should be playing around 10pm. The vera is at 1916 4th Ave (between Stewart and Virginia) in Downtown Seattle. If you haven't checked them out - please do. They've done a lot for the all ages music scene.
Mike Johnson and the Evildoers shirts are here! Made in the usual quality of Up Records fine apparel, with an olive drab color for that "patriotic" look. Design as pictured here. Only $12 on updirect.com - be the first to rule the school! Order here.
 2005.08.10 - Clothes
 2005.08.04 - Matthew Steinke's new works on display
Matthew Steinke (from Octant, Mocket, and Satisfact) is also having an art opening this week in Chicago. The opening consists of new work by EC Brown and Matthew Steinke, Matthew's consisting of video and sculpture works. The display is at the Lisa Boyle Gallery, 1648 West Kinzie St, Chicago. The opening reception will be this Saturday, 6th August, from 6-9pm. For more information visit www.boylegallery.com.
 2005.08.02 - Stanford Lee Wilson photography and paintings
Stanford Lee Wilson has a new opening beginning Thursday evening, August 4th - in this case, his photography and paintings will be on display in Seattle at Cafe Solstice. Stanford has worked on many projects for Up Records and others over the years, including photography for Mike Johnson. The show will continue for some time after the opening, so if you can't make it for the opening, it's worth checking out another day.

Stanford Lee Wilson new Photographs and Paintings at CAFE SOLSTICE
4116 University Avenue NE
Seattle (in the University District)

Opening Night, First Thursday August 4th, 2004
7- 10 PM

Live Music sometime after 8 PM by Chris Cline of Evangaline, solo set - and Eric Apoe and members of his band They. Solstice serves beer and wine as well as coffee.

 2005.07.20 - Mark Pickerel new site
Mark Pickerel (of the Dark Fantastic, Screaming Trees, et. al) has a new website about the music he's made and the music he's making, as well as other general stuff about him. It's at www.markpickerel.com and worth checking out.
 2005.06.22 - For all you fans in Paris...
The Pastels are playing at the mo'fo festival in Paris, France. Also playing are Teenage Fanclub and Bonnie Prince Billy. The Pastels are on 30th June (Thursday). There is a web site for this hullabaloo.. and it is http://www.mainsdoeuvres.org/view_article.asp?id=701 You should go check it out, because I'd like to and won't be able to.
Sick Bees have a video for their new EP "The Marina Album", which is out now! The video was done by Mike of Welcome. It's for the song Rat Traps and it is better than we could have imagined. I hate to be so bold as to use the term "genius", but when the shoe fits, the sun goes down and the world goes dancing etc... Watch Movie (13 MB, .mov format) Use Quicktime or Windows Media Player to view the movie.
 2005.06.07 - Sick Bees
 2005.03.30 - Sick Bees to release new EP!
Sick Bees have completed a number of new songs, to be released on May 10th as an EP entitled "The Marina Album". Order it here online May 10th or pick it up at your record store! Also available are their previous releases: "My Pleasure" CD & "Push" 45rpm.
 2005.02.22 - Polar Goldie Parties
Polar Goldie Cats are playing at All Tomorrow's Parties in the UK, Feb. 25-27. The lineup is curated by Slint - you can view it here! Also see the Polar Goldie site here.
Up Records put out its first release in 1994, making this year the 10th year we've been making records. We had some concerts, made some posters, and there's also this shirt which says UP 10 on it and depicts the "Up Robot" that appeared on an old poster design from around 1996. The design on the shirt is the very image shown here (minus the color boxes). The shirt is available in a choice of three colors, you could get a black one, or you could get a blue one, or you could get an orange one. How many robot shirts commemorating an anniversary do you have? Perhaps not enough yet!
 2004.11.09 - UP10 Shirt
 07.27.04 - Spheres/Atkins
Brent Arnold & The Spheres are playing at Neumo's in Seattle on Thursday night, July 29th, the show is $6 and they play last. Then on August 1st, John Atkins plays at the Rendezvous in Seattle as well. There is also a recording of The Spheres' studio show on KEXP 90.3 which aired live back in June. The link to listen to the show is here.
 03.25.04 - Two Things
Two new videos of live footage have been added to our video section today! One is Mike Johnson playing "Names" at Chop Suey last fall, and the other is Built To Spill playing "Twin Falls" and "Some" at Rockcandy in '99. It should also be noted that we've replaced our old server so all of these problems with the uprecords.com website will be over!!! Celebration should ensue.
 02.18.04 - Brent Arnold & The Spheres
Here it is! The newest release from Up is Brent Arnold & The Spheres - Last Boat! Brent has appeared on many of our releases before, including Modest Mouse and Quasi, and also released a record of his own, but now he really cuts loose with a full length and a full-fledged string pop band. Check out the New Release area (to the right) for more info and buy this modern classic here! Additionally, you can check out the all music guide review at Barnes and Nobles.
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 New Release
Polar Goldie Cats
Feral Phantasms

The Polar Goldie Cats were born to the great feline matriarch Cal Arts in the year 1992 Acinonyx Domestica. They were first let out of the bag in 1993 when they displayed their budding talents in a thick yarn of interdisciplinary experimentation incorporating music, art, dance and a light show along with MILK and cookies. Being the fickle creatures that they are wont to be, our cuddly heroes would record for such greats as Win Records, Karate, Ecstatic Peace, Daniel Van Beers' Detector Label, Smilex (compilations) and Not Not Fun over the years, as if chasing a string around the room. In 2000 they settled down for a bit and released Polar Night Stress on Up Records before curling up in a ball and taking a nap, if you will. In 2005 they began extending their claws again, this time all the way across the Atlantic Ocean (they were careful not to fall in the water) where they were invited to play ATP in London by friends Slint who were curating the festival. Our friendly felines have played with many notables through their illustrious career, including Nels Cline, Thurston Moore, Cat Power, Blonde Redhead, Boredoms, Dirty Three, Unwound, Low, Wilco, Merzbow, and Melt Banana to mew a few... Now our Cheshire clowders present us with another gift they caught while out stalking, a delicious treat they left in our CD players titled Feral Phantasms. We are sure you will enjoy it as much as we do.
Buy the album in record stores or right here at our store, updirect.com!
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UP106: Feral Phantasms

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