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The USFS and other government entities have announced a 12 month closure for Colorado caves. This closure starts on July 26th 2010 and will last until July 25th 2011 (unless modified). From our website... Spring Cave, Fulford Cave, Mallory Cave, and Hubbard Cave are currently closed. There is a possibility that Cave of the Clouds will also be closed. For more details, please visit this link

Park Description:
The NCAR and Mallory Cave areas are located in Boulder, Colorado near the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). These two areas are part of the vast network of trails along the Mesa Trail. These 2 areas contain over 3.58 miles of trail. Please note that there
are a lot of little network trails to be on the lookout for... so be sure to reference the map to stay on course. Aside from the Mallory Cave, these 2 areas offer astounding views of Boulder and great picnic areas. Mallory Cave is a small single room cave which is subject to SEASONAL CLOSURE (April 1st to October 1st) to protect the "Big Eared Bats" and the "Fringed Myotis Bats". Since the cave is small, there is no chance of getting lost in it... and thus we did not make an inside-the-cave-map. In order to access the cave, visitors have to ascend an easy climbing pitch. There is no need for special equipment but please take note of the weather. If it rains/snows, the rock on that climbing pitch can get a little slippery. Avid cavers probably won't find this cave to be exciting but the hike to it is great and a visit to this area is an excellent family/date activity. For more information, please see our downloads (below).  

Park Affiliation:

City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks

Trail Description:

Trails in these 2 areas tend to be very steep and crumbly. Care should be taken when descending these trails. For the most part, the trails are singletrack in nature with the exception of the "Mesa Trail" and parts of the "Bear Canyon-NCAR Trail" For more information, please download the "Waypoints & Tracks" GPS file & Elevation Profiles (below).

Ratings (up to 5.5):

Hiking = Physical Rating/Technical Rating... 3.0/3.0

Mountain Biking = Physical Rating/Technical Rating... Not Allowed

Trail Running =
Physical Rating/Technical Rating... 3.6/3.4


Mountain Lions, Deer, Albert's Squirrel, Bears, and Rattlesnakes.

Potential Hazards:

Potential Hazards include weather, terrain, wildlife, and other unexpected conditions associated with the great outdoors. For an up-to-date report on avalanche conditions... visit the Colorado Avalanche Information Center (link below).


Because of the vast network where these areas reside, we recommend downloading all Maps, Area Information, Driving Directions, Elevation Profiles, and GPS Downloads (below).
Please Note... GPS units do not work in caves or underground.

Facts and History:

Not Available

Downloads, GPS, Software, & Links:
Survey Date... Summer 2007
These GPS files, downloads, & links are for NCAR & Mallory Cave areas and parts of the Shanahan Ridge area. The GPS Coordinates include the Shanahan Ridge area. *Important!!! Make sure your GPS receiver can download 155 waypoints, 1788 trackpoints, & 70 tracks. If not, you won't see all the GPS Coordinates. Please see the Help Section below for details. Download the "Waypoints & Tracks" file (below) into your GPS receiver:

Area Information for NCAR & Mallory Cave
Driving Directions to NCAR and Mallory Cave
Elevation Profiles for NCAR and Mallory Cave
Podcast about NCAR and Mallory Cave
NCAR and Mallory Cave Virtual Tour

GPS Files & Software:
GPS Coordinates for NCAR and Mallory Cave
Free GPS Trackmaker Software
Google Earth file for NCAR and Mallory Cave

Colorado Avalanche Information Center
Weather Updates for NCAR and Mallory Cave
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