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Friday, December 9th, 2011

Taijiboxing the Art of Fighting without Fighting

wave hands like clouds, stillness and clarity!!

Sifu Pounall Maio Dao Play

Taijiboxing slow speed sparing silk reeling and flow.

Taijiboxing, and No Nonsense Hapkido Edge weapon free flow, slow speed.

Sifu pounall Knife play

Adapt and overcome everything has it”s purpose especially a bamboo sword stick, never be completely Predictable

Yin and Yang of sword play

Stillness and motion,action and in action

Intercept, adhere,redirect and attack fluid motion


Pluck the root dislodge the tree, timing and range control

speed, timming and agility will defang the snake

Defend high attack low, you give me your arm I control your shoulder


Suddenly still, suddenly in motion, form less form stability in Motion!!

Have a Great day Peace sifu Dennis Pounall

Taijiboxing the path to Health Harmony and Vitality!!


DennisRR006_250509OPT-osmosMany people have in recent days been attracted to the glamor and bravado of the U.F.C. fever. Even to the point   people whom have a legacy of traditional heritage of martial arts are now forced to jump on the bandwagon of so called mixed martial arts training. This is very sad to see.

Things have gotten so bad  the first original martial arts media giants, such as Black belt magazine, Inside Kungfu, and Taijikungfu Magazine are no longer visible on the shelves of Chapters book store under SPORTS. Instead, you have U.F.C. and Grappling Magazine.

There is nothing wrong with adding to what you already know, but to trade it in for a cheaper newer model is not always wise or prudent. New does not always mean better, just different for a time.  Remember the deception of this so called” mixed up martial arts” is exactly that!!

“User of many master of none” I think that every traditional system when taught in the context of it practical environment has for more depth than dabbling in Brazilian Jujitsu, Muay Thai kicking style and American Kickboxing methods.

Give me a good traditional 10 year veteran in Penjat Silat or Hwrangdo, Korean martial arts, or classical Chen style Taijiquan or Taijjitsu player, open up the ring throw in some good old fashion Capeorio, and see who would fare the best in a friendly tussle.

Anyway for more interesting thoughts, check out my web site and  dpounall.

Peace and be well.


Sifu Dennis Pounall .