Larry Pressler

Senior Partner
Chair, Telecommunications and Business Group
O'Connor & Hannan Law Firm

Since leaving the U.S. Senate, Larry Pressler has pursued a business career largely centered around a corporate law practice, and serving on corporate boards. After his congressional tenure, he opted out of politics, turning down two opportunities to stay in the political arena and instead chose to enter the business/law realm.

A seasoned Washington player, Pressler has distinguished himself in the corporate world. He currently represents a number of Fortune 500 clients in Washington, D.C. A recent article regarding his corporate successes appeared in the Crain Communications' B2B July 17, 2000.

Senator Pressler keeps a busy schedule, but his activities enable him to assist clients throughout the world. He has made numerous successful trips on international business to India, Brazil, Europe and the Far East. He is a frequent speaker at investment banking conferences such as "What's Happening Next in Telecommunications Policy?"

Pressler serves as a member of Republican Presidential Candidate George W. Bush's IT Steering Committee 2000, and regularly attends committee meetings at the Bush Headquarters in Austin, Texas. He was honored at the 2000 National Republican Convention for his work in the U.S. Senate, as a Republican Eagle, and as a member of the Presidential Trust.

Pressler's authorship of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, which reshaped the world of telecommunications in the United States and abroad, uniquely qualifies him to guide communications and e-commerce initiatives for companies around the globe.

Senator Larry Pressler was a member of Congress for 22 years (R - S. Dakota), 18 in the Senate; author of the Telecommunications Act of 1996; Chairman of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee; author of various aviation, pipeline, transportation, satellite, foreign policy, business and trade legislation during his time in Congress; former Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, England (graduate); Harvard Law School (graduate); and Vietnam veteran (U.S. Army). Pressler was awarded Vietnam Service Medals.