To All Competitors, Coaches/Trainers

  In May 2007 at the Annual General Meeting of the World Dance Council the decision to form the WDC Amateur League was adopted. This was not, as was viewed by some, a knee-jerk reaction to developments initiated by other International Organisations but a totally new concept that Dancers, their Coaches/Trainers, Adjudicators and Organisers have been demanding for many, many years.
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The National Dance League and organisers of the Winterstar event are proud to announce in the Professional and Amateur Ballroom and Latin the total fund of prize monies at the forthcoming Winterstar and WDC AL Junior Festival, held in Moscow on the 4th and 5th February 2012 will be as follows:

1 place. 30.000 RUB
2 place 20.000 RUB
3 place 10.000 RUB
4 place 5.000 RUB
5 place 4.000 RUB
6 place 3.000 RUB

Please go to to enter online !!!!
If you have any queries , please contact the organisers via the website.

В категориях Профессионалы и Любители в европейской и латиноамериканской программе установлен призовой фонд:

1 место. 30.000 руб
2 место 20.000 руб
3 место 10.000 руб
4 место 5.000 руб
5 место 4.000 руб
6 место 3.000 руб

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5TH December…3rd and the last day of the wonderful event…
5TH December…3rd and the last day of the wonderful event…

….The mood is excellent and spirits are high….on this early Monday morning..
Over the 3 days, this event saw around 1800 couples from 41 countries…WDC Amateur League is growing and growing fast…the reason for it is quite obvious, - WDC events are the best events and the best condition for competitors in the World.
…on behalf of all adjudicators and competitors, - A HUGE THANK YOU goes to Sammy Stopford, Donnie Burns MBE, Heidi Burns, Fred Bijster and Barbara Mccoll….
“Barbara would like to say thank you to everyone for their support and making this event once again very successful and she hopes that next year they come again and bring their friends”.
“Heidi would like say that we are so appreciative of the support from many countries around the world who have helped to make this event such a huge success in the terms of the quality of the dancing and the thousands who have participated. “

Monday Morning results:

Disneyland Resort Paris Youth under 19 Latin championships:
1st Austin Joson and Gabriella Sabler, USA
2nd Kai Widdrington and Natalia Jeved, England
3rd Ivan Khudoly and Oleksandra Burakova, Ukraine
4th Aleksandr Dunaev and Anzhelika Prilutskaya, USA
5th Oleksandr Frantsen and Nikita Vlasenko, Ukraine
6th Paul Postolachi and Galina Voitenco, Moldova

Disneyland Resort Paris Youth under 19 Ballroom championships:

1st Oleksiy Rotar and Kateryna Shylo, Ukraine
2nd Mikhail Zakharov and Elizaveta Yuzhakova, Russia
3rd Matthew Dean and Sophie Webb,
4th Rusu Jurie and Ceban Anna-Maria, Moldova
5th Bouauolta Giauluca and Oleva Kovalenko, Italy
6th Vasyl and Sofiya Schudlyk, Ukraine

Open World Junior under 14 Ballroom championships:

1st Yan Stepanenko and Polina Ryabovil, Ukraine
2nd Lloyd Perry and Rebecca Scott, England
3rd Ignatiy Malkov and Anastasia Sidorova, Russia
4th Mikhailo Kalistov and Diana Miroshnichenko, Ukraine
5th Yevgeniy Patrushev and Ielyzaveta Chudakova, Ukraine
6th Pavel Potemkin and Etel Kobrina, Russia

Open World Amateur Salsa Championships:
1st Jakub Mazuch and Michaela Gatekova, Czech Republic
2nd Surdo Alesandro and Maraschino Antonella, Italy
3rd Andrea Ibba and Veronica Arrais, Italy
4th Alex Robinson and Kirsty Sahota, England

Open World Youth under 21 Ballroom Championships:
1st Oskar Wojciechowski & Karoline Holody (U.S.A.)
2nd Andrey Volkov & Anastasia Kravchenko (Russia)
3rd Sidney Chong & Sofiya Aksenchyk (England)
4th Angelo Gaetano & Clarissa Morelli (Italy)
5th Ruslan Kalyuznyy & Valeriya Kalishchuk (Ukraine)
6th Aj Pritchard & Chloe Hewitt (England)

Open World Senior Over 35 Ballroom Championships:
1st Eric & Charlotte Voorn (Holland)
2nd Andreas Meijer & Jody Frease Meijer (U.S.A.)
3rd Dan Baxter & Janine Desai (England)
4th Mikhail Kotsar & Olga Melnik (Russia)
5th Patrick Cado & Carla Samogin (Italy)
6th Piero Stillitano & Caroline Malkinson (England)

Open World Junior under 16 Latin Championships:
1st Yan Stepanenko & Polina Ryabovil (Ukraine)
2nd Ilya KashIrkin & Anna Mayorova (Russia)
3rd Luke Miller & Hanna Creswell (England)
4th Olexey Fedorov & Yelizaveta Kruk (Ukraine)
5th Puttipong Sahaifa & Sutatip Bunwilai (Thailand)
6th Oleksandr Kalenyuk & Oleksandra Troshyna (Ukraine)

Open Disneyland Resort Professional Ballroom Championships:
The crowed was ecstatic and so the dancing too; all the couples performed at their very best and it was just amazing to watch. Thank you….

1st Mirko Gozzoli & Edita Daniute (Italy)
2nd Valerio Colantoni & Yulia Spesivtseva (Russia)
3rd Warren & Kristi Boyce (England)
4th Eldar Dzhafarov & Anna Sazhina (Azerbadzjan)
5th Wiktor Kiszka & Agnes Kazmierczak (U.S.A.)
6th Alessio Potenziani & Veronika Vlasova (Russia

Open World Amateur Latin Championships…
The level was extremely high from the first round…and when it got down to the top 12, it was simply too difficult to choose who to watch; every one of these 12 best couples were amazing…
In the final some couples were so magical, it felt as if you were part of their dance story…

Winners: Neil Jones & Ekaterina Sokolova (England)
2nd Mirco Risi & Maria Ermachkova (Italy)
3rd Kirill Belorukov & Elvira Skrylnikova (Russia)
4th Ferdinando Iannaccone & Yulia Muskhina (Italy)
5th Morten Lowe & Roselina Doneva (Bulgaria)
6th Dorin Frecautanu & Svetlana Borisova (Moldova)

Thank you for being here, thank you for reading and thank you for being interested in us, the WDC Amateur League events. We wish Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year and hope to see here, at Disneyland resort Paris World Championships in 2012!!!!!

Posted on: 06-12-2011

WDC AL OPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2011 ------Day 3 was “Magic” and unforgettable.
It was shortly after midnight Monday 5th that this spectacular 2011 festival came to a conclusion and we have lifetime memories from 3 fabulous days. The “baby” of 4 years ago has matured and grown and is now a major part of the calendar for dance lovers and those who reject intimidation and threats. Their number increases daily.

During, early morning breakfast all the chatter was about how brilliant it had been the previous day and what lay ahead on Monday. The mouth watering prospect of a show by Sergey & Melia with Riccardo & Yulia was catching the interest and imagination of all and that this would be included with some important championships was a bonus.

The 3rd morning began in a slightly quieter mood than the previous days even though we were to witness 9 Disneyland Resort and 19 World Open Championships. This was not surprising given the ambience during the previous days. Batteries need recharging!

However when an exciting Under 19 Latin competition set the ball rolling it gathered momentum with a hugely enjoyable and high class Under 16 Latin and Under 21 Ballroom. We were on track.

The judging panels for these competitions included great dancers of today, such as Riccardo, Yulia, Sergey, Melia, Alessia, Mirko all providing fresh impetus,and this must be a mouth watering prospect for a young dancer. How exciting to be receiving a 1st place from these great dancers! Only the , WDC - the World Dance Champions can offer this.

With all this going on around us we were getting “in the mood” for sure and were not to be disappointed by later events. At this stage one must give every dancer congratulations for the spectacular costuming we had enjoyed every day and always with good taste.

After the evening session Opening Ceremony we were introduced to the 2 judging panels each comprising 17 dance lovers, holders of many major titles during their competitive dancing lives and today hugely valued coaches and trainers of Champions. Their knowledge and integrity is why they are so respected. The evening programme comprised the Professional \Ballroom Super Series Ranking Disneyland Resort Championship plus 2 Open World Championships. There was the Amateur \Latin plus the Over 35 Ballroom as the WDC respects and values our Senior dancers.

After just 2 of the 4 heats (and no info) for the Amateur Latin it was obvious this was a to be heart breaking night for many dancers. The standard was so high and with so many talented and good performances the judges could not mark all. The last 24 and 12 one could have made a case for every couple to go on.

It was an innovative move to dance the quarter final of the Amateur Latin Championship in 3 heats of only 8 couples thus giving greater time for assessment.

With the distribution of the maracas and tambourines the carnival mood was set and how everyone loves to participate in the “fun”, including the adjudicators. This encouragement of audience participation and involvement in all events and proceedings is so important as they an integral part of our world.

All 3 Championships were so enjoyable and with a wealth of talent on display. One had to sympathise with those who on this night did not get a recall. On the positive side one must congratulate the dancers for the spectacular but tasteful costumes we witnessed every day, without exception.

After the conclusion of 3 superb competitions we cam to the show. We were honoured to witness truly outstanding dancing. Sergey & Melia gave us a cha cha and rumba whilst Riccardo & Yulia gave a rumba and paso. The emotion, the art of dance, the beauty of dance were so uppermost in everyone's minds. The future these great champions want for dance is clear.

All too soon we witnessed the final fun dance, competition and prize giving and the journey home beckoned. No one an take away the fantastic shared experiences and feeling of being part of a “family” 2012 can only be better. The dates are 7th, 8th, 9th December. 2012.

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What a day and WHAT A NIGHT!

What a truly fantastic and memorable day all those fortunate enough to be present shared. It was early Sunday morning at breakfast that the “Buzz” already started. Two topics were paramount. First how great Day 1 had been and second what Day 2 might bring and there was much anticipation. We were not to be disappointed..

There was a 9.00 a.m. start in both Times Square Ballroom and the Grand Ballroom and even at that early hour there was tremendous ambience and great attendance to support and encourage our dancers and this included many of the top names in the Who's Who of Dance.

Again there were to be superb adjudicating panels made up of 9 or 11 Adjudicators. The afternoon and evening session there were 2 panels each of 17 adjudicators. The Latin Panel included holders of 59 World and British Open titles and the Ballroom Panel 58 World and British Open titles. No dancer could ask for more qualified and experienced persons assessing them. These were people who had devoted their lives to dance including its development and advance and the protection of values rather than attending a short “training course” every 2 years which unfortunately is the case in some activities and poor substitute for deep knowledge.

In the programme of Day 2 we were to have 10 Disneyland Resort Championships and 20 Open World Championships. A heavy schedule and run totally on time which is the sign of great organisation.

During the morning and afternoon there were many highlights but special mention must be made of the Under 10 and Under 12 Restricted Syllabus Championships. Here we witnessed young dancers, our future, being trained in technique and the qualities on which competitive dance must be based. It was especially pleasing to see a “new” country like Kazakhstan having finalists amongst the “traditional” dancing nations. These young children showed us the beauty of dancing, the qualities, such as culture, discipline, good conduct, our beautiful competitive dance can provide. Later in the day as we enjoyed Over 45 and Over 55 events we saw the benefits and how WDC is the natural home for dancers from the cradle to the grave.

As the evening neared one could sense the anticipation, the building of excitement and expectation and at 18.45 there was the Evening Opening Ceremony with special lighting effects and and an introduction followed by superb competitions with a fantastic and even standard.

With the approach of the Professional Latin and the rounds of quarter final onwards for Amateur Ballroom we switched to Carnival time and the Maracas and Tambourines were distributed to the entire audience. How popular and loved this has become. No one is better able to present a Family Celebration of the good in Dance than the WDC and there was some great fun “line” dancing during which the entire Adjudicating panel joined in and contributed delighting so many young children. For the first timers the party atmosphere was infectious but to see how our idols and heroes are human was special.

Once the serious side commenced we had 2 fabulous fantastic competitions which had huge support from the audience, inspiring the dancers to even better performances and creating unfortunate decision making tasks for the judges when the standard is so high and so even. The applause was at times deafening and our great dancers did not disappoint which only encouraged the audience to greater support!

It is indeed a privilege to be a part of the WDC “Family” and enjoy these special moments.

At the conclusion of the days programmes it was announced that during the evening of Day 3, which already promises so much, we will be treated to a fabulous show by Ruccardo/Yulia and Sergey/Melia.

Oh Yes Paris 2011 there is certainly a “Buzz”. Day 3 will be superb.

Full Results :

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Open World Amateur Championship, WDC AL
Entries increased 95% over the last 2 years!

…Friday, 2nd December 2011…who ever I speak to, - everyone if off to Paris, where the World Amateur Championships is to take place for the 4th consecutive year in all groups, starting with Juveniles and finishing with Amateurs…
…The New York Hotel at the Disneyland Paris is buzzing from excitement; happy faces of children is doubled with joy, as not only they will be able to dance at the prestigious World Championship, but also if they have time to visit the Disneyland wonderland…
…So many great dancers under one roof, its difficult to take it all in…the air is filled with legends, past and present talents and champions, in fact 70 best adjudicators in World…. difficult to imagine for better…difficult to imagine anyone not wanting to dance here at this wonderful Open World amateur Championships…

There is also a lecture by famous and the only one Ruud Vermey….he has done and is constantly undertaking so much for the Educational Department of WDC; he is the Head of the WDC Education Department and creator of the Educational Department pages in the Face Book, where he continuously is contributing and sharing his knowledge to all the dancers around the World…

Saturday 3rd December 2011, 9.30 AM and all the couples are eager to start….The Open World Championships is now officially opened and the 1st panel of adjudicators is on the floor to start their very important job…a newly retired Alessia Betti and beautiful Shirley Ballas the only two woman on this morning panel….
There are two ballrooms in use at the same time and both are nearly full with dancers and spectators…Donnie Burns MBE, is taking a few minutes to rest from running around with organisation and to enjoy some beautiful dancing by Amateur Ballroom competitors… Marcus Hilton MBE is the Chairman of the Festival, together with the chairman of adjudicators Svein Rotvold, - with a smile and grace the work is done immaculately as always, with such to great chairmen …Sammy Stopford and Fred Bijster are on their feet from the very early morning, making sure everything is done to the finest detail…. a beautiful Heidi Burns, with her womanly charm and intelligence she is adding that final finesse….and of course the most important woman and the ‘Queen’ of the event is the stunning Barbara Mccoll, whose existence alone lights the room…..

This Saturday morning there are also lectures presented by some great teachers; first to start is lovely Tone Nyhagen…she is explaining about 5 senses and finishing touch and she is using Anton and Ekaterina to demonstrate her points for accomplishment of beautiful dancing… communication and feel is one of the important points of the lecture…

Anne Gleave is starting her lecture with a title ‘The great thinkers of Dance’, so called Philosophers of Dance…she chooses to talk about ‘Lady Phylosophers’, for she goes into some history and evolution of Lady Dancer….

Massimo Giorgiani is emphasising on state of mind and how it can affect performance… he is coinciding a physiological and emotional expression into movement; through inner connection into external expression…he indulges his sole and brain with full freedom and emotion and let them all connect, resulting in some fabulous movement…

Ruud Vermey is concluding the morning of lectures; ‘my personal experience, relationship with my partner and surrounding’, how to create your own world of dancing… importance of merging of posture and gesture in order to create genuine movement.

Back to the other ballroom, where competitions are continuing with full excitement…the very first final is just about to start; Andrew Sinkinson, Augusto Schiavo, Jonathan Wilkinson are among this lustrous panel of adjudicators eagerly trying to select the juvenile winners….
Although it is only the first morning and not all competitors are here yet, as some of them will only be dancing at the World Championships, the atmosphere is delightful..
The first results of the Saturday Morning:
Open World Juvenile Ballroom Championships:
The winners of the World Juvenile Championships from England, Glenn Boyce and Lydia Hedges.
Silver winners er from Ukraine Dmytro Tsekhmistro and Polina Shecherbyna
Bronze winners from Ukraine Oleksandr Savchuk and Alina Fartushna,

Disney Under 16 championship:
The winners Ilia Kashirkin and Anna Mayorova from Russia.
2ND Paul Postolachi and Galina Voitenco from Moldova
3rd Marco Bonavolta and Anna d’Angelo from Italy,

Disney Amateur Ballroom championship:
The winners, Anton and Daria Perevodchyk from Ukraine..
2nd Andrey Volkov and Anastasia Kravchenko from Russia
3rd Alexander Radush and Alisa Pavlova from Russia,

Afternoon session is well underway and it is difficult not to mention some of the adjudicators on this panel; Anne Gleave, Christopher Hawkins, Simona Fancello, John Wood, Serena Lecca, Stanislav Popov….and yet in the other ballroom the Senior ballroom competition is judged by an equally eminent panel of adjudicators: Marcus Hilton MBE, Massimo Giorgiani, David Sycamore, Leonid Pletnev, Goran Nordin….

The Afternoon session is nearly over with the finals of the Disney amateur championships and Disney under 16 Ballroom; two exciting finals and some beautiful dancing.
Diseny under 16 Ballroom Championships:
2nd Nikita Druzhynin and Anastsiya Bobrova from Ukraine
3rd Artem Petrovskiy and Karina Zavrazhina from Russia,

Disney Amateur Latin Championship:
The winners from Italy Francesco Bertini and Sabrina Manzi.
2nd Oleg Dashkevish and Tatian Gorokhova from Russia
3rd Evgeny Orlov and Inga Kapkanshchikova from Iatly,

Third session is on the way with The Open World Junior under 14 Latin and Open World Youth under 19th Ballroom championships; Tone Nyhagen, Gaynor Fairweather MBE, Caterina Arzenton, Hazel Fletcher and Yulia Zagoruychenko are among the panel of the adjudicators for these 2 events. Although so young, these children demonstrating most sincere dancing and is such a pleasure to watch. It gives contentment for the future of our industry of dance.

The Open World Junior under 14 Championship:
The winners Oleksandr Kalenyuk and Oleksandra Troshyna.
2nd Nicholas Stevens and Alexandra Gutkovich (USA)
3rd Lloyd Perry and Rebecca Scott (England),

The Open World under 19th ballroom Championship:
The winners Andrey Volkov and Anastasia Kravchenko from Russia.
2nd Sidney Chong and Sofia Aksenchyk from England
3rd Oleksandr Kalenyuk and Oleksandra Troshyna from Ukraine,

The last session of today is seeing Open World under 21 Latin Championship, Open World Senior over 35 Latin Championship, Open World Senior over 45 Ballroom Championship and Disneyland resort Professional Rising Star Latin Championship…Wow, what an evening…audience too seem to have warmed up….it is an electric feeling… Barbara Mccoll, Richard Porter, Vibeke Toft, Michael Wentik, Rudi Trautz, Michael Barr, Len Armstrong , Graham Oswick, Sergey Ryupin and Steven Hannah were addition this evening panel.

The first final of the Saturday evening is Open World Senior over 35 Latin championships, in which Bronze winners are Marco Pitorri and Roberta Ruggeri from Italy, Silver winners are Luc Vlieghe and Bekaert from Belgium and the Champions are Evgeny Filatov and Natalia Filatova from Russia.

Open World Under 21 Latin Championships:
The winners Darren Hammond and Kylee Brown from South Africa
2nd Artem Lrychin and Oxana Vetis from Russia,
3RD Bogdan Oligov and Daryan Sereda from Ukraine,

Open World Over 45 Ballroom Championships:
The winners Roberto Destri and Giuseppina Lentini from Italy.
2nd Lorenzo Bevilacqua and Claudia Felesini from Italy
3rd Maurizio Granello and Maria Dalla Valle from Italy,

Disneyland Resort Paris Professional Rising star Latin Championship:
The winners Anton Sboev and Patrizia Ranis from England.
2nd Valera Musuc and Nina Trautz from Germany
3rd Dmitry Syzrantsev and Alena Syzrantseva from Russia,

Rising star Professional event is the highlight of this lovely first day and everyone so eager and enthusiastic about the Sunday to come, with so many fantastic events…..see you all tomorrow…

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