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Doyle Joins Tykes

Posted on: Fri 18 Sep 2009

Nathan Doyle has joined Championship side Barnsley on a three-month loan deal.

The defender, whose only Tigers appearance this season came in the Carling Cup win against Southend, could make his Barnsley debut against Swansea this Saturday.

Tigers boss Phil Brown believes the move will benefit Doyle.

"This will benefit Nathan," said Brown.

"I wouldn't say he has had a stop-start career, it just hasn't really started at Hull City for a number of reasons - the form of Sam Ricketts when Nathan first signed, getting promoted to the Premier League, the arrival of Bernard Mendy and now Paul McShane.


"Because of all that, Nathan has found chances to be the regular right back for Hull City few and far between. I think he needs to kick-start his career at Barnsley and maybe turn our heads that way.

"Regular football, a new challenge and a new manager at Barnsley will help. We'll be watching him this weekend, as we will do on a number of weekends during the course of his three months there.

"There's a 28-day call-back clause in the deal to cover ourselves if we have a spate of injuries.

"We wish Nathan well."

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