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Plastic Canvas Pattern
For Train Engine Tissue Box Cover
Instructions & Assembly Notes

Text Only Instructions Page

Cut out the following pieces per the pattern pages:

1. Left/Right Side - cut 2
(Side dimensions are the same, but worked in different directions)
2. Back - cut 1
3. Front - 4 pieces, cut 1 of each
4. Cab Roof - cut 1
5. Front window - cut 1
6. Top of box - cut 1
7. Smokestack sides - cut 2
8. Smokestack front/back - cut 2
(Note: Pictures to the left to not show the Smokestack sides or the Cab Roof pieces.)

Work each piece as shown on the pattern pages.

Do not overcast until ready for assembly.

Assembly Notes:

(These notes are in the order that I recommend assembling the tissue box cover.)

1. Smokestack pieces:

Use black for overcasting. Overcast one Smokestack Side to Smokestack Front.
Overcast that Side to Smokestack Back.
Overcast the other Side to the Front, then to the Back.
Overcast the top edges of the Smokestack.

Then overcast the bottom edges of the Smokestack, to the "smokestack" area of the Top of box piece. (See pictures to the left.)

Also, overcast the "inside" edge (tissue opening) of the Top of Box with green. This edge will not be attached to anything.

2. Cab Roof & Window pieces:

Overcast the Window to the front edge of the Cab Roof using black.

Then overcast the bottom of the window with green. This edge will not be attached to anything.

3. Back & Side pieces:

Overcast the Back to the Left Side piece using green and black where appropriate.

My suggestion is to use green first, to connect the mid-section, then use black for the wheel area. Note that per the pattern, the wheels actually stick out from the back - the is overcast by itself, the two pieces are not actually connected in that small section. If you do not want the wheel edges to stick out, cut them off and stitch the pieces together normally.

Then overcast the Back to the Right Side piece in the same manor.

I actually overcast the top three black stitch on the Back piece when I connected the Cab Roof to the back (below).

4. Back & Cab Roof Pieces:

Now, overcast the Cab Roof/Window piece to the Back/Sides pieces...

The easiest way is to start from the back - connecting the Back/Sides to the back of the Cab Roof piece (with black). Then work each side, connecting the top edge of the Side piece to the edge of the Cab Roof piece.

Then connect the sides of the Window piece to the Sides using green and black (black at the very top).

5. Top of Box and Sides:

Overcast the sides of the Top of Box piece to the Left/Right Sides using green.

6. Front pieces to Top & Sides:

Overcast the 4 Front pieces together (long sides to long sides).

Using all 4 attached pieces as the "Front"...

Overcast the top edge of the Front piece to the Top of the box with black.

Overcast the sides of the Front piece to the Left/Right Sides with black (side edges) and gray (for the grill).

My suggestion is, to start the black overcasting from the bottom "black" section and work up to the top of the Front piece - this helps to keep the stitches more 'even'.

7. Overcast the bottom edges!

And last, after all pieces are attached... overcast the bottom edges: Back edge using green, Sides using white, and Front using gray.

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