Frequently Asked Questions

>> I have forgotten my password!
In the login page there is a "forgotten password" link that will mail you your password. If you are not receiving the mail in 5 minutes either 1-your spam filter blocked it or 2-your ISP blocked it at the source (which means you will not find it in any way). This is not our fault, the mail was sent and the feature works: if this is the case please DO NOT mail the webmaster asking for the password (he cannot retrieve it), you should just create a new account and be more careful next time! Mails asking for passwords, or worse saying things like "your site sucks, the feature doesnt work" will be ignored
>> The "forgotten password" link returns an email with a blank password!
If your account was imported from the old site, it is a VERY GOOD IDEA to go to your profile and re-enter or change your password. This will ensure that you will receive your password if you ever forget it. Failure to do this will result in a "forgotten password" email that lists no password (that is a technical restriction that neither I nor anybody else can solve). This is because the old site used a different format for passwords, a kind of encryption that does not allow me to recover it)..saving it in the new site will save your password in the proper format
>> How do I delete my account?
You can delete your account by logging in and then going to "My Account", there is a link at the bottom. This process is TOTALLY IRREVERSIBLE, so please think about it twice before deleting your profile. Your pictures, comments, messages and forum posts will be deleted as well.
>> I did not receive my activation mail!
Try logging in anyway, we might disable the activation check if too many users get "blocked out".
>> What browser should I use to view the site?
I've done my best to make the website usable by any browser. However, I developed it using Mozilla Firefox, and that is the browser you should use anyway, since Internet Explorer is full of bugs, security holes and is slow.
>> I have a problem, can I contact the webmaster?
There are basically 2 types of emails I receive, to which I react in completely different ways. 1- If you send me an email asking for a feature, giving me a suggestion for the site or anything constructive, I will very likely try to add the feature or implement the suggestion (if it is possible). 2- If you send me an email that clearly proves your laziness or that wastes my time (e.g. "delete my account", "retrieve my password, I have forgotten it", etc) I will very likely ignore it! Emails stating that something does not work while it clearly does (e.g. saying "the comment system doesn't work" while there are thousands of users with comments) will be ignored as well
>> I have uploaded an image, why isn't it showing? Why did you reject my image?
Every image must be approved by an admin before going live: please allow a couple of days for our reviewers to approve you! Please note that we only accept good-quality amateur photos - if we reject an image, it is because it is too dark/bright, of very low quality, too small to be seen, fake etc
>> Is the service completely FREE? No hidden fees whatsoever?
Yes, not even one penny! We want to grow our community, and maybe in a few months we will be charging for some additional services that will give you more exciting features, but the basic website will always be free!
>> How do you make money for the hosting costs then?
We pay our hosting with ad revenue from the ads you can see in the right column!
>> Do you offer a dating service?
Our website does offer a way to contact other members, but bear in mind that this is a picture rating community! You should try visiting our dating and cyber sex portal: NetGasmic , it's much more suited to your needs!



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