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This month: The Interactive Issue!


Total Film goes all futuristic this month as The Hunger Games heads up our first interactive issue!

Simply download the Blippar app for your smartphone or tablet device and point it at the pages to get access to a wealth of extra content - including trailers, exclusive videos and the chance to be our cover star!

Inside the issue, we talk to the cast of dystopian teen thriller The Hunger Games - the latest literary phenomenon to hit the big screen - and bring you the latest news on the biggest blockbusters of the year, including exclusive chats with the people behind The Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Hobbit

Elsewhere, Joss Whedon scares us silly with The Cabin In The Woods; Tom Hiddleston talks resurrecting Loki for The Avengers; Seann William Scott brings us Stifler's guide to American Pie: Reunion; and both Channing Tatum and Christina Ricci pop by for a chat.

We also travel to Los Angeles to scope out infamous 'mockbuster' studio The Asylum and celebrate the blackest of black comedies - Todd Solondz's Happiness - as our TF Classic, while Hugh Grant talks pirates, phone hacking and Bridget Jones 3 in the Total Film Interview.

You can see a full preview of the issue here.

Total Film 191 is available at all good newsagents now. You can also buy a digital copy through the Total Film app on the Apple Newsstand.


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