Solar Hot Water Passive Pump System: How Does It work?

Here's how the system operates:

STEP 1—The sun heats up the collector panels.

  • Solar collector panels (1-3 depending upon your location and number of residents) are unobtrusively installed on your roof
  • The collector panels contain a heat transfer fluid that is freeze-proof (like anti-freeze in your car)
  • This fluid heats up, even with very little sunlight, and starts to bubble

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STEP 2—Our revolutionary technology sends the heat to your water tank.

  • Our “geyser pump” action (think Old Faithful at Yellowstone) uses solar energy to force the hot heat transfer fluid into a water storage tank in your utility room
  • Our system is a passive pump—meaning there are no electric pumps, controls or sensors to turn on or off, adjust, or repair. See, maintenance-free!

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STEP 3—Enjoy continuous, free hot water!

  • A heat exchanger in the water storage tank takes the heat from the transfer fluid and uses it to heat your water (a bit like a double-boiler on your stove)
  • A backup heating element in the tank makes sure you have hot water 24/7!

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Here is a detailed technical description How the Sunnovations System Works.

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