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Saturday, November 14, 2009


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I am grateful for you, Pamela Geller. Thank you for reporting this story.

Pamela, the s--- you make me watch. YouTube took down the video, it's now up- HERE on Vodpod by a third party - not me. 1:55 is when the blood & gore starts.

At least George Walker Bush (a stumbling semi-conservative) nor Anthony Lynton Charles Blair (a small-l liberal) didn't negotiate with terrorists like this. I am sickened at what the Obama Admin has threatened to do, hopefully Congress will stop it.

Husain obama (SOA) would much rather have George Bush on trial as America burns.

People are waking up from their stupors and obama's ratings are dropping like a giant turd. He needs to change course if he wants to make it all the way through his undeserved term without impeachment and/or jail time.

We Americans need to dish out some harsh punishments to ALL who would do harm to Americans and America. You can only be so fair with a ruthless enemy -- niceness will be seen as a weakness and will cause more troubles.
Execute the bastards and then ask a question or two.

This is pure strategy - an attempt to introduce Sharia law through the American Courts. The argument for this is pure lies. I heard a guest on Larry King state, with a straight face, that this needs to be done through American Courts because the rest of the world is outraged at the US because of waterboarding. The only outrage was by Obama and his Muslim Nation Friends. Ludicrous Lies. No allies cared less what was done to the war criminals. These are not American Citizens - they must never for a moment have American rights. This is like giving murderers house arrest or monitoring with a gps braclet. It ignores the montrousity of this terrorist act of war and invites further attacks on the US - why not - you will get your day in court - what a total joke.

Daniel Pearl sounds like unfortunately most of my family. Stockholm Syndrom. you can see the fear in Daniel Pearl's eyes.

The Most Powerful,Lethal Military force in the history of mankind is now controlled by the enemy (one of the many enemies)it was created to destroy.
How's that for "change you can believe in"?

You can bet they will put Bush on trial.That is what this is about.Not only Bush but the CIA FBI and New York. The lives of the jurors,the prosecutors and the judge will be at risk.Hussein Obama.Muslim in the white house.

Barack Hussien Obama, SoA (SWT)is trying to make it more difficult to convict and punish terrorists.

And he is trying to prevent our intelligence agencies from employing any interrogation techniques that might actually be effective.

Afterall coddling terrorist supercedes all other considerations doesn't it? These poor misunderstood terrorists who beat their wives and saw off people heads just for sport need to have their day in court don't they?

What about due process? what about their precious civil rights?

We need to figure out a way to Impeach this guy Obama. He has got to go.

The strategy is to defeat our enemies by accepting them as our own.

President Obama must either not understand what we are dealing with, or else is on the side of our enemies. I had thought when he was first elected that he was in over his head. That he was another Jimmy Carter. I am changing my view. His ideas of 'change' is based upon (At best) an intense dislike of the United States on economic and moral issues. Like that preacher he listened to for years: "God damn America!"

How the hell did we elect this guy?

What surprises me most of all is that a number of people who I know well are still supportive of him.

Mohammad and company will make a circus of it...The slick and slimy lawyers will put Bush, Cheney, the CIA and torture on trial...Holder can't be so stupid as to not see this, so he is complicit. The nasty/supid/kufr left, in the form of cable and other Islamic protectors have been hyper busy trying to protect Islam from any Hasan connections to Islam or jihad...He just snapped etc...This is laying the groundwork to try and keep Islam out of the Mohammad trial...Mohammad won't allow that one...
But he will probably go along with the idea that he lied to stop his torture...The left will leap on that like a fly leaps on a dead carcass.
After Mohammad is aquitted, arrest warrants will be made on Bush, Cheney and numerous CIA agents...Don't you just love this 'hope and change'...

He's also trying to head off the Congressional investigation on Ft. Hood by asking them to wait untill the other investigations are concluded.


Holder's law firm represents many of these GITMO prisoners. What can you say anymore. Congress, the Judicial system and media have ignored that we have a foreigner in the White House. They've helped him by ignoring it, or labeling anyone who tries to prove it as birthers and kooks. This is why there is the Natural Born clause in the Constitution. If they would have had bc when the Constitution was written, I'm sure it would have been included in there. We will pay the price for everyone else's misplaced pc. I hope it is worth it to them.

I love and agree with every single comment above.

Now ask yourself, 'where are the Republican party and the patriotic Democrats?'

Why aren't they on every News media denouncing, en masse, these horrendous decisions this Traitor-In-Chief makes every single day?

If we want to start seeing any movement toward impeachment, or at least some restriction of his muslim-loving policies, we have to be heard.

We'll never rally a nation that has silent "leaders", nor will we expose the Obamanation if it's never held out there in the light for all to see.

You can move any object with the proper lever. (Remember in school? Object, fulcrum, lever?) Our "representatives" are our lever.

Force your local reps to take a stand and state their stand on each one of these issues. We can't let them slide. They are either with us, or against us.

Putting him on trial implies all the rules of evidence will apply, including suppression of anything obtained by waterboarding. And what about his Miranda rights? Was he given them? If the charges are thrown out and/or if he is otherwise acquitted, is the Obama administration saying they will then just set him free? This is nutsy fagin.

What evidence? These enemy warriors have admitted it. . . they are proud of it! They've even asked to be executed - martyred - for having done this.

This will be used as a means for the Left to put the USA on trial for having used "torture."

Compare the clip above with making someone believe he might drown.

I am so sick of the daily revelations of the twisted direction these traitors-in-office are taking our country.

Great comments all. Stay on the offensive, stay vigilant. Although there is much to be concerned about by our Moham 'president', I believe he is more vulnerable by the day.

Just finished your talk in Texas Pamela. Fantastic. Bravo.

Hey, James, help me out here. What the heck is: "SoA (SWT)"?

Jokerman, here's Pamela's article on this. (She broke the story, by the way, but no one is giving her credit): http://atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com/atlas_shrugs/2009/11/major-muslims-calling-card-soa-soldier-of-allah.html

By the way, the President who pawns off his programs on congress (to avoid blame) also passed off this decision to Holder (for the same reason).

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the rest of these mass murderers are ENEMY COMBATANTS, and therefore the decision should be made by the Commander in Chief. Hussein won't escape the wrath of the public for this!!!

Thanks, Buster. That's an article I must've missed, (Pamela provides so MUCH newsbreaking that it's hard to keep up with.)

Now I know!

The Left's standard bearers on this (ObaMao & Holder) are conflating an act of war and civilian crimes. They're purposely blurring the lines, and creating a new precedent so these terrorists (and future ones) can't be judged under the rules of law, where they would be considered Unlawful Combatants; placing them under military tribunals or commissions. Can't have that, with its more reasonable rules of evidence, given the fog of war, and the simple fact that soldiers aren't policemen.

I had hoped Ashcroft had settled this. Just one more Supreme Court ruling that went against the Leftists. The Democrats (note the double standard they employ with judicial nominees) so love precedence when it suits them. If it doesn't exist, they'll create it.

It is so hard to watch this video: Danny Pearl was obviously such a nice, naive, LIBERAL American Jew. He never dreamed he would be kidnapped or beheaded. Perhaps there is a lesson here for all of us: Did his groveling and reading the anti-Jewish, anti-American script prepared for him by the jihadis prevent him from being beheaded? No. He is just as dead now as he would be if he had spit on their camera and told his captors that they and their religion stink.


"can't be judged under the rules of law" SHOULD READ

can't be judged under the rules of war

I was so mad when I was writing this, well you know

I had occasion very briefly to observe Eric Holder first-hand years ago: In my opinion, he has ALWAYS evinced a sort of aloof, cold, superior air. (I guess that makes him an ideal lawyer?) The man strikes me as cold-blooded. I could never trust him.

Buster wrote: "Hussein won't escape the wrath of the public for this!!!"

I can only hope that your words prove prophetic. (It is a long way until election day, and the public has a very short memory span.)

I've watched the actual full beheading before. Pamela has had beheadings, amputations, and stonings up on her site before, and I watched every single one.

The worst were the two where the man is actually resisting and getting out of their grasp, and the woman who keeps being hacked at on her neck after how much humiliation, I cannot measure. This is part of why why I hate them.

A friend from abroad sent me the DVDs of the beheadings they were selling on the streets of Iraq.

Until America sees what its enemies are actually capable of - BASED UPON AND SANCTIONED BY THEIR "RELIGION" - that is, Allah-condoned, we will remain ignorant as a nation.

These things should be on prime-time news.

A nation, ignorant of the evil which plots to destroy it, is a nation doomed.

I'm not saying we're not, but everyone here should be doing all they can to wake up their politicians, neighbors, friends, relatives, et al, to what we are actually confronting.

I don't want to be just a "voice crying in the wilderness" and neither should any of us. Eliminate the 'wilderness'. Make as many as you can become aware!

THAT'S our strength.

We have all known from day one that Barack Hussein Obama is an evil man. I knew it. Pamela certainly knew.

We also know that Mr. Obama has stacked the US government with evil people such as Anita Dunn (Nrecently replaced by her Communist hubbie), Kevin Jennings, Harold Koh, Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, et al. We all know that these people are NOT going to take on Obama and force him to stop his malfeasance.

The Obama Administration however CAN be stopped. When the American people (EVERYBODY THAT MEANS YOU!!!!!!!!!) wake up and decide to take on the monster they have unwittingly created Obama and his company of freaks will finally be stopped.

Let the impeachment and prosecutions begin. Let's roll!!

Wow, what a brave Mujahideen. I'll bet Khalid Sheikh Mohammed did all that decapitatin' with thirty strong warriors with uzis standing right behind him. I guess that's what it takes to take a normal human being down, 31 Muslims with guns to 1 normal human being without.

Let's see, I guess that would make Nidal Hasan the really brave one. He stood up to what, hundreds of soldiers and knocked out over forty of them. Oh yeah, but he had the guns, and they had none.

Perhaps this is why Muslim men are such whining victims...they can't make it without facing an enemy who is tied up, blindfolded and defenseless, and they know it. They could never win in a "fair" fight. We need to think about this and make the odds as unfair as possible, and not in their favor.

I had never seen the decapitation video. Although I have a strong stomach and enjoy "CSI," Stephen King novels, and horror movies, I thought that there were just some things I didn't need to see. Now I've seen both the edited and unedited versions, and although it made me sick and sad to see it, I think more people need to see this. More people need to understand that this is what we are fighting.

One has to wonder if Obama has seen this.

ya resident Obama must either not understand what we are dealing with, or else is on the side of our enemies. I had thought when he was first elected that he was in over his head. That he was another Jimmy Carter. I am changing my view. His ideas of 'change' is based upon (At best) an intense dislike of the United States on economic and moral issues. Like that preacher he listened to for years: "God damn America!"



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