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Rocket launch

Kiwi2Space is a small New Zealand based team tinkering in experimental rocketry. As part of all this tinkering we are an official entrant in the N-Prize competition, which as of September 2011 are no longer actively participating, although the date has been extended a year. We are focusing our efforts on the Carmack 100kft Prize offered by legendary gaming developer John Carmack, to launch a rocket 100,000ft high. This is our main and most achievable goal at the moment, more info on both prizes can be found on the links to the right. Make sure you follow our Facebook and Twitter pages and remember, the sky is no longer the limit!.

Picture of the day 


Injector machining for 100kft rocket. Keep checking the 100kft page for updates!!  


We hope to win and prove space can be easily accessed by everyday people. (If we don't we sure as hell are going to have alot of fun building rockets!)

Help our cause and lets get more Kiwis reaching for the stars
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