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Ido-Mondo — La informo-fonto pri Ido,
da la Nord-Amerikana Ido-Societo

What is Ido?

Ido is an International Auxiliary Language, a constructed language designed for cross-cultural communication.

Ido is a "constructed" language, designed by linguists to be easy to learn and fun to use as a universal second language for international communication. You can learn to read, write, and speak Ido in just six weeks! You can use this "language without borders" to connect up with other Ido speakers in countries around the world. Ido is also an excellent entry to language study in general. Ido students develop language-learning skills they can apply to the study of any language, including their own "mother tongue".

How to Join NAIS

Although NAIS is designed for Idists from the United States and Canada, anybody from anywhere in the world is welcome to join. Membership is free. Just send an email with subject "NAIS", with content showing your full name, country of residence, and email return address to Your name and address will not be shared or released to anyone else, or to any other organization or company. We will use your email address for sending notifications and announcements, with your permission, and for no other purpose. You may choose not to receive notifications and announcements, if you wish.


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NAIS Publications

Coming soon....

In addition to lists of online resources, we hope to provide Ido-Mondo with discussion forums, online tutorials and interactive courses in Ido, news updates on North American events and issues, books and articles in and about Ido, Ido translation services, and software tools and professional business services for Idists world-wide.

If you would like to help build this site, and the North American Ido Society, contact Jerry Muelver,, or

Total NAIS membership, so far: 34
Last revision: 21 March 2011