Hack day, hackathon, code marathon... whatever you call it, come spend the weekend building something cool with us.

Cardiff University School of Computer Science. We'll announce a more specific location soon.
Anyone can come, all are welcome. You can register as a team or as an individual and we can put you in a team on the day. If you aren't at Cardiff we'd love to hear from you - we could video link over the two days.
Try something new, hone your skills, collaborate with others... and it's all for the good of mankind - everything we build will be open sourced at the end. Hence the name :)
You can build whatever you like, with one rule - It has to be open sourced at the end of the hackathon. This will allow others to view and modify your source code, so they can learn from it and adapt it to their needs. We'll have a list of projects and links to the source code once the hackathon is over.