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Mysteries of the Sith is a worthy addition to the world of Jedi Knight.

Mysteries of the Sith is a worthy addition to the world of Jedi Knight. With JK being such a groundbreaking first-person shooter, Sith might have been doomed from the start due to high expectations but by experiencing it on its own merits, it's a rather enjoyable journey into the world of Jedi Knight.

The biggest change that is encountered with Sith is the lack of choice of either the Dark or Light side of the Force (Neutral/Light is the default). Instead, you're given a selection of various Force power combinations, both Dark and Light. This was obviously aimed at multiplayer gaming as it balances the distribution of Force powers. You can still reduce your overall Force powers by killing civilians but I really missed the unique aspect of choosing a Force side through your actions. This is by far the biggest letdown with this game.

On a more positive note, the addition of the lighting effects is excellent and it helps to bring the graphics closer to the level of today's newer game engines. The lighting also adds a much needed color jolt to the gunboat gray that is so prevalent throughout the interiors. Level design is also first-rate especially with the integration of spacecraft into the action. Hearing Tie Fighters and Bombers flying overhead makes it feel like you've just jumped into a Star Wars film. Let's hope this is expanded upon with future Jedi Knight games.

Sith also adds a few new weapons and secondary firing features. Some are excellent - I could play to my heart's content with the Electroscope option (sniper mode with zoom) on the previously weak Stormtrooper Rifle. In sniper mode, the Stormtrooper Rifle becomes a weapon of choice as you have the ability to nail your enemies from a distance. The manual Sequence Detonator is a welcomed addition as is the ricochet feature for the Bowcaster. But a lot of the new weapons seem frivolous - the Repeating Blaster Cannon (the Lazy-Boy of weapons), Carbonite Gun (Hey, Mara stole Duke's freezer gun!), and last but least, the Flash Bomb (blind my enemy when I can blow them up instead?).

Along with the added weapons, there's a host of new Force powers to utilize. Unfortunately, most of them come across as being either unoriginal (Force Projection a la Holo-Duke), unessential (LightSaber Throw & Force Push) or just plain weak in execution (Far Sight). These additions seemed to be forced (no pun intended) and basically reek of feature-creep.

That's definitely not the case with Sith's offering of enemies. Many of the same characters from JK are here but there is a whole slew of new ones. This is one of the major strengths of Mysteries of the Sith as the enemy mix is just right. You never really tire of facing any one type of enemy. Especially noteworthy are the Vornskr (wolf creature), Weequay and the Ithorian Renegade (Hammer Head).

Mysteries of the Sith is no Jedi Knight but it does serve its purpose of adding new levels, characters and weapons to the JK world. Its only major drawback is the lack of choice with the two different sides of the Force. Luckily this doesn't impede the fun of battling the minions of the dreaded Empire.

Reviewed by James Diaz, PC Gameworld.

Inclusion of lighting effects gives an added boost to the JK graphics and the introduction of a whole slew of new creatures makes this a worthwhile mission pack.

The ability to choose between the two sides of the Force is gone - Paging Yoda!

Final Verdict
This is no Jedi Knight but it's a worthy addition to the further adventures of Kyle Katarn and now Mara Jade.


Sep 25, 2002
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