Collaborating with Happy Cog produces results that extend far beyond the duration of our partnership. What kind of results? These kind.


The Shoe Fits

When the fine folks at realized that their business growth had outpaced the slowly-evolving aesthetic of their website, they called on Happy Cog. Customer service and site interaction wasn't a problem, but the site didn’t capture and embrace the hallmarks of the Zappos culture.

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Launched: February 5, 2010

Responsibilities: E-commerce, Design System, Shoes, More Shoes, And More Than Shoes

Visit Philly

New Love for the City of Brotherly Love

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4,000,000 People Can’t Be Wrong.

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What’s happening? We’re launching websites, publishing articles, giving presentations, and building creative communities. Here are some of the things you should know about.

Happy Cog Rebrands

In the fall of 2011, we decided the time was right to consider what was next for our brand. We wanted to work with a small, top-tier studio that would understand our heritage, and could relate to our culture and values. It was also important to find a studio with a sound process and uncompromising attention to detail. We were looking for a firm like our own. We found everything we wanted and needed with... Read more

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The Machine

The interconnected, moving parts of our organization extend well beyond studio offices. Here’s a schematic.

Cognition blog post illustration for Dear Branding Agencies,

Dear Branding Agencies,

March 1, 2012 By Chris Cashdollar

You’ve crafted the “big picture” view. The client loves the new branding direction; they can practically smell the future you’ve unveiled for them. Now... Read more


We’ve been designing digital experiences ever since the web existed. And that entire time we’ve stayed ahead of the curve.

An inspirational leader in the digital design industry, Jeffrey Zeldman, crowned the “King of Web Standards” by Businessweek and the first inductee to the SXSW Interactive Festival Hall of Fame, founded Happy Cog in 1999. Happy Cog has grown to become an industry-leading, diverse group of problem-solving superstars across three studios, united under the common goal of making the web a better place to think, work and play.

At Happy Cog, we openly share knowledge rather than tuck it away for some secret strategic advantage. An industry that shares information makes a better industry. We seek every opportunity to write, teach, and speak about what we do, and that's a big reason why our clients come to us.

As Happy Cog continues to evolve, we'll always be looking for ways to make digital communication, and the business that surrounds it, as meaningful and enjoyable as it can be.


Got a fantastic design challenge for us? Can our partnership change the way you do business on the web? Want us to speak at a conference? Get in touch.