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NICOSIA [MENL] -- Iran has begun marketing its version of a U.S. anti-tank missile.

Iran's state-owned Ya Mahdi Industries Group presented details of its Saeghe anti-tank guided missile at the Defendory 2002 military exhibition in Athens earlier this month. The Saeghe, which means lightening in Farsi, has been deployed for the Iranian army.

The Iranian anti-tank missile is an indigenous version of the 1970s-era FGM-77 wire-guided anti-tank missile. The shoulder-fired Dragon missile was supplied by McDonnell Douglas about 25 years ago. Deliveries were halted when regime of the Iranian shah was overthrown.

The Iranian Aerospace Industries Organization, which includes Ya Mahdi, said the Saeghe has a reliability rate of more than 90 percent. Iran produces both the Saeghe-1 and the advanced Saeghe-2.

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