Sharpton, Gingrich, Bloomberg Join Forces


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Uploaded by on May 7, 2009

An unusual trio has joined forces to work on education reform - Michael Bloomberg, Newt Gingrich and Al Sharpton. The three held a meeting at the White House Thursday. (May 7)


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  • al sharpton is a joke. i don't know why the media showcases this shakedown artist as the voice of the black community. why is al sharpton speaking out about education when his platform is race baiting and cop bashing. where was he when obama voted down the school vouchers program in washington dc? he was A.W.O.L., because he couldn't make a dollar from protesting about it. where was sharpton when obama voted against support for hurricane katrina victims while he was a senator?

  • It's funny how racist Sharpton talking about equality and education.

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  • oh where oh where has fig newton gone never ever will become president but love seeing him spend his money little mofo fat pig

  • Notice how Bloomber is in the back saying I aint standing next to these crazy ass madafuckas (Newt and Sharpton) LOL

  • The government should not have anything to do with the education of our children. It is because of it's involvement we have the problems we have. This is more proof Gingrich is a big government wolf in an elephant's clothing.

  • Phila Pa: Arlene Ackerman receives DEATH THREAT weeks after the Philadelphia Public School rejects a proposal from Techbook Online Corporation. Techbook Online Corporation does not promote violence or terror, but we don't blame the people who do. Enough is Enough... wwwdottechbookonlinedotcom

  • I thought this was a program on education - not racism.

  • Newt and Al are identical twins, same as Repubs and Dems. It's always been that wayz---two parties feeding off us and partying every day and every night on our dime. Wake up to it, pee-pullz. Are you hip to that riff?

  • Giving Sharpton a prominent podium to spout off (as only he can) is like giving a mental patient who thinks he's Jesus, the same privilege.

    Why do we have these religious nutjobs speaking for us, setting up our laws? Would we allow Satanists, Mennonites, Muslims, Scientologists do the same without thinking twice?

    I admire Gingrich because he's a brilliant guy but all the same we need secularists in power. Its time we grew up and put aside our mythologies and fairytales and act like adults.

  • lol


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